Over the Edge: Raising Funds for Special Olympics of NY

Hi everyone!

I’m participating in Over the Edge to benefit the Special Olympics of New York. The first 100 individuals to raise over $1,000 will have the pleasure of rappelling down the eighteen-story Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Albany, NY.


  • Any donation (minimum $5) automatically entered to win a $25 Target gift card!
  • $10 A personal shout-out on Twitter
  • $15 a crudely drawn portrait of you by Kevin Marshall himself. (available only through July 31st!) EXTENDED through the end of August!
  • $20 I will sing Happy Birthday to the person of your choice, on camera. SOLD OUT!
  • $25 I will write you a break-up letter to your significant other or a letter of resignation from your job.
  • $30 I will sing, on-camera, the song “Hello” by Lionel Richie to your Facebook profile picture. I will also make a Play-Doh sculpture of your head, just like in the video. SOLD OUT!
  • $60 I will write a flattering, borderline romantic (or outright – your preference) eight-line poem about you and post it on the blog. LIMIT: 5
  • $100 I will write a blog post on the topic of your choosing. Minimum 400 words.
  • $300 I’ll wear any item of clothing, your choice, at the event so long as it doesn’t interfere with safety.


  • $50 will bake & send you 2 dozen cookies of your choice
  • $100 will bake & send you a cheesecake or pie of your choice
  • $250 will make & send you you one baked good or 2 dozen cookies of your choice every week for a month!

PLEASE READ MEGHAN’S BLOG POST for more info on the offer and how to specify your order.



In addition to the deals announced here and on the Times Union blog, I’ll be making side deals with folks through Twitter – @KevinMarshall. These will consist of proposals from me, shout-outs, and solicitations from other Tweeters that send an @ reply to me. All Stuntraising offers are one-off deals unless otherwise stated.

  • Chuck Miller ($50 donation) made a challenge for me to do a dramatic reading of the opening chapter from his novel The Robins of Iverhill. (listen here).
  • John Brodigan ($30) host of Right Hook Radio, to write a poem about it and debut it on the August 2nd edition of the program where I’ll appear as a guest.
  • Jason Purvis ($50) challenged me to do a dramatic re-enactment of a video of composer Adrian Munsey’s “Lost Sheep,” where he holds a goat and bleats behind an orchestral accompaniment (blog post forthcoming).
  • Laurel H. ($25) challenged me to insert a Flaming Lips song title into an unrelated sports post. ACCEPTED.

Note: whether or not I accept is solely at my discretion. They can be outrageous, but need to be reasonable. In other words I’m not going to run head-first into a brick wall for a $20 donation, but I may post a video on the blog wishing your mother a happy birthday for a $30 donation.

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