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Vertigo & a Plea for Help

Had to take the day off work today. I had what turned out to be vertigo resulting from a viral infection and minor cold that I left untreated (and tested the limits with lots of work and running and such) for too damn long. I got pills for the vertigo, which was just like a weird light-headedness and dizziness that didn’t cause me to fall down but did make me super tired and distracted from Friday morning onwards. Feel better already. The “spells” as it were are gone, and I got some rest in lieu of work today.

Then I looked at what I had on my plate. Oy!

Here’s where you guys can help. There’s an event coming up that I’m helping plan called “Mockingbird Marathon: To Kill a Saturday.”

Here’s the blog for the event – http://mockingbirdmarathon.wordpress.com

Here’s the Twitter for the event – http://www.twitter.com/ToKillASaturday

Here’s the FB page for the event – http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=155121791173415

Help spread the word about this event. If you could throw the following graphic:

On your webpage/blog/etcetera it’d be greatly appreciated.

And tell people they can donate online by visiting http://www.literacynycap.org/donate.cfm

Help spread the word! Pleeeeeeeease?

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