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Finally saw “Paranormal Activity”

Just saw “Paranormal Activity” for the first time and now I’m PUMPED for the sequel! Will we get more dumb people we don’t like to the point where we root for the demon? Will they still not bother calling that demonologist they incessantly blab about? WILL THE BEDROOM DOOR SLAM AGAIN, OR PERHAPS FOUR TIMES?!

Intense stuff you guys.

Okay, in fairness, the movie was ambitious and clever. It accomplished a lot for a story that was contained in a single house and primarily only featured two people.

The problem, though, is that these two people are almost instantly unlikable, especially the boyfriend (“Micah”), who is presented as an incredibly arrogant dumbass. No, really, why IS he taping all of this?

Which leads to the biggest problem of the film: lazy writing. For all its fantastic efforts on such a limited budget, the script – while not awful – was completely mailed in. For a film such as this it’s a big problem, because so much of the dramatic tension relies on a concentrated effort to heighten the “realism” of the story. Unfortunately that works against them, like when they establish these two are moving in together without being married and that the girlfriend has dealt with this demon her whole life.

Except…well, based on the information we’re given we can assume they’ve spent the night together at some point. So if the demon follows her everywhere, why didn’t this happen before? Why wouldn’t this information have been given to the boyfriend before they moved in together? The film attempts to explain this by simply saying she didn’t know when the right time would be. To which the main character replies “how about before we moved in together” (paraphrased). Then it’s dropped and the film lets them off the hook. They would’ve been better off not addressing it at all.

And I can’t stress enough how much of an obnoxious dumbass the “Micah” character is. I wanted him gone about ten minutes into the film. Yet this was a horror film, which hangs on sympathy or at the very least identifying to some extent with the protagonist/victims.

For what it is, it’s incredibly well done for a film of its low scope and budget. It’s wonderfully shot, well paced, and contains some decent acting performances. Taken as a whole, however, it’s a lot more hype than it is substance. And as great as it was at building a rising action, it ended in spectacularly dumb fashion just as it was starting to hit its stride.

Also, using post scripts for a fictional film is so ungodly stupid. Stop doing that!

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