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American Beer Companies Swap Sexism for Straight-Up Misogyny

From Current TV comes this segment about the changing portrayal of women in beer commercials:

(Direct Link since WordPress doesn’t seem to want to embed this video)

Despite the jokey, light-hearted nature of the piece, it addresses a very real and serious issue: misogyny in beer marketing has shifted from sexism to different forms of degradation and, in some cases, violence.

“It’s just comical violence!” will be the cry of many, including certain individuals who peruse the Times Union blogs. Which is why I won’t post this there: I give my readers a lot of credit, but this is the sort of article that would draw the crowd that reads some of the other blogs and has commenters that just want to have their voice heard and don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t come directly in line with their world view.

It’s a really disturbing, and disheartening, trend. Not only for its treatment of women, but is presupposition that men are expected to be as simple, dismissive, and close-minded as the ones in that commercial. It encourages a childish view of sexuality and gender as a meaningless power struggle between men who just want to be happy and the women who are out to destroy everything and everyone that they enjoy.

I appreciate the presenter’s tone for this piece, as it applies an age-old adage: make ’em laugh and stick the truth in their mouth while it’s open.

Myself, I’ll go on a more serious note and just tell Anheuser-Busch and Coors: I wouldn’t deign to say you’re better than this, but all of you in the board rooms (especially members of the Anheuser-Busch family itself) are well aware that you can sell alcohol without propagating these hateful representations. It’s a product that nearly sells itself, but yet there you are, using it as an opportunity to advance an outdated and perplexing anti-feminist agenda. I’d try to psychoanalyze it, but I won’t waste my time. Instead, I’ll just tell you to go f*** yourselves.

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