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TimesUnion.com Sneak Preview


– a Troy Night Out wrap-up and appeal

– Comedy Night at the Linda

– Pretty Fake People

And on Wednesday,  “The United States of Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda and Carrie.” An out of context snippet:

Operation Enduring Freedom? More like Operation Enduring FASHION!

Just like America, the girls got everything they ever wanted, but only after they spent decades deluding themselves and romanticizing these goals. The United States saw a real estate bubble burst that sent us into a tailspin due to our reliance on a credit-based system that didn’t produce anything of substance, as our manufacturing sector was replaced with digits pushed around computer monitors while we all recklessly lived beyond our means oblivious to the consequences. The girls, too, spent the better part of twenty-four years chasing the dragon. Then, when they finally caught it, they found they weren’t prepared for the harsh consequences of their wants and desires. We see these through each of the four principal characters reaching their emotional, mental, professional, and marital breaking points.

Then, like America, they went to the Mid East under a flimsy pretense to distract themselves and everyone watching from their troubles back home. Look out, Abu Dhabi. They’re coming to bring their sexual freedom and liberate your women politically, socially, and fashionably. The United States of Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda and Carrie.

Read more Wednesday, only at In the Present Tense on TimesUnion.com.

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