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I made an appointment to go to the doctor’s this afternoon (see previous post).

Unfortunately my doctor is on vacation until June 8th, so I’m going in to see the Physician’s Assistant. I’m hoping he can at least clue me in as to what the Hell might have happened the other night, and why I had a lingering headache for over 24 hours afterwards.

I still wasn’t going to call the doctor until my supervisor went all Mom and chastised me for not making an appointment. I’ve certainly been better about going to the doctor in the past year (I never went for a regular physical until after my 27th birthday), but I’m still ridiculously hesitant to make an appointment with my doctor.

It’s not even a macho thing. I just feel ridiculous going in after the fact. I know I need to be on the safe side, which is why I caved in and made the appointment. But part of me can’t stand the prospect of going in there and being told “it’s nothing.” I hate feeling like I’m ever wasting anyone’s time, ever. I waste enough of my own as it is.


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