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Make or Break Time: If I’m Not Up to Snuff Next Weekend, I Will Quit Acting

Me as Jack Worthing (photo: Confetti Stage)

I’m being interviewed for a piece on The Importance of Being Earnest with Michael Eck’s “Stage Notes” column. A few of the questions made me realize what’s been bugging me so much about this play and why I’ve been so hard on my performances and preparation (and sometimes lack thereof). This revelation, instead of worrying me, actually inspires me. It’s lit a fire under my ass, and I think (hope) it’ll translate to what you see next weekend.

The explanation is the same as I gave to Michael: This play is more than just a performance for me. I feel I’m at a make or break point in terms of my acting. Not so much as a career, since I don’t think that’s likely to ever happen, but as an artist. This role is the greatest challenge I’ve had to date, and I find myself once again with the same group and director that I began with locally over a year and a half ago.

I make a pretty bold proclamation in one of my responses to Eck, but I truly mean it. I’m at an important and crucial point in my artistic career as an actor. And if I’m not satisfied with what I’ve done in this play, and especially if other people aren’t satisfied with what I’ve done in this play, then I’m done with acting.

It may seem a bit crazy and/or melodramatic, but neither is the case. The truth is, I don’t do this just for fun. I do this because I want to be good at it, more than anything, and I want to know that I’m doing what I can to get better. Because if I’m not, what’s the point? You can’t have passion for doing something you’re terrible at. You can have passion for the craft as a fan, yes, but not as a performer. Not me, anyway.

Go see The Importance of Being Earnest, May 14th – 23rd. Info can be found here. Because if you don’t, and I’m not up to snuff, you won’t get another chance to do so.

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  1. themole171
    May 7, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    I think going so far as to “threaten” to quit acting if you don’t meet your own growth standards is a bit extreme. That being said, I agree that you can’t have a passion for something if you’re bad at it. You’ve already established that you’re good, nay, excellent at acting and you’re clearly are passionate enough about it to keep pushing yourself. That doesn’t mean you should just throw in the towel if you don’t meet your own expectations, it just means you push harder. It’s a chance to learn something new to take on to your next project and grow even more. Look at where you started, then look at where you are now, and then just imagine what you can be in the future. It’s silly to put all your eggs in one basket like this and say “this show makes or breaks me”. Just enjoy the growth you experience here and look forward to the next project.

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