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New Blog Post!

…on The Times Union blog and on Mixed Marshall Arts (MarshallMMA.com). Anyway, you should be subscribed to both (or at least the TU blog) on your Google Reader already.

I could swear I just heard a couple of you ask “what’s Google Reader?”

Google Reader – http://reader.google.com – is an RSS reader. What that means is that using the site, you can consolidate all the blogs you want into one handy-dandy little site. Meaning, you don’t have to look around or click on bookmarks. It tells you what’s new and shows it to you automatically each time you visit! Seriously, it’s been a lifesaver for me. Go and use it.

Anyway, I have to cut this short. I have like no time at all to get off-book for an entire act. Luckily I’m MIA for most of it; unluckily, I still have a lot of lines to remember. It’s a hard knock life for those of us in high demand…

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