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Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles: “Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers”

It’s slowly making its rounds on the internet, although it’s shocking that Tom Caruana’s remixing of Wu-Tang’s and The Beatles’ catalogues isn’t getting the same speed of recognition and praise that Danger Mouse received for his “Grey Album” mash-up of Jay-Z’s “The Black Album” with selected tracks from The Beatles’ “White Album.”

Especially considering that as craft and art, “Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers” is a far superior effort.

As much as I went ga-ga over “The Grey Album” when I first heard it, much of it was the novelty of hearing Beatles songs brought into the sampling realm. I’m sure that underground mix tapes had done it before, but for somebody who’s a relative novice to hip-hop (still (after all these years)), it was a revelation.

This, though? This is something different. It maintains the spirit of Wu-Tang’s original thematics and resonance, maintaining that same ghostly, distant weirdness that made Wu-Tang the most unique hip-hop ensembles of the nineties.

The songs used on this mix are almost unrecognizable because Caruana, unlike Danger Mouse, twists and mangles these wonderful classics into something cruder, something stranger, and something equally wonderful.

The joy does not merely lie in the familiarity. Even as a child who was reared on The Beatles (my father played them exclusively throughout my childhood), it was a task – menial but still a task – to identify the samples. But that’s the joy one derives from great sampling, and what separates it from just taking a recognizable tune and re-hashing it for the sake of a re-tread (a la Bad Boy records in the late 90s).

Click on the link below to download. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me.


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