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More on Haiti: RPI Donations, NYC Benefit, Local Theater Connection, More

Please see previous posts for ways in which you can help and donate to relief efforts:
Help for Haiti
More on Haiti

On the news front, it appears that civil unrest is causing concerns over security for aid workers. Here’s hoping the UN can provide that safety, and that we can all get together as a world and come to their aid in a prompt manner. There’s a lot of panic and frustration now, to be sure, and I’d ask that people consider the unprecedented nature of this disaster before passing any judgment. Also, most of the trouble is thought to be stemming from the 4,000 prisoners who escaped from a Port-Au-Prince prison that was destroyed by the earthquake. The good news is that initial reports of the raid on a warehouse containing aid supplies was exaggerated and not nearly as bad as initially thought, and looting is limited.

The American Red Cross is estimating anywhere from 45,000 to 50,000 dead so far due to the quake.

My thoughts go out to fellow area stage actor Jean-Remy Monay, who has friends and family in Haiti. Not sure what their status is. Jean-Remy’s a great guy, and here’s hoping all his loved ones are safe and sound.

RPI President Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson sent out an e-mail late last night to inform us that there were five RPI students in Haiti at the time of the Earthquake and that, thankfully, all five are safe and accounted for. A faculty advisor had been accompanying four of the students and, through strange twist of fate, departed the country on Monday the 13th.

I’m also glad to report that the Institute has generously donated $10,000 each to Americares, Oxfam America, and Save the Children to aid in relief aid and recovery (for a total of $30,000).

RPI Employees are encouraged to make donations to one of the three charities mentioned by check or money order. Donations made by RPI employees will be matched by the Institute. More information from the President:

“I strongly encourage you to contribute to this global effort. If you would like to add your contribution to the Rensselaer effort, I invite you to write a check or provide a money order made payable to one of the three agencies listed above. Please note that Rensselaer as an institution will match your contribution with a donation of equal value. Please send or deliver your check or money order by January 21 to Laura Salvati, Administrative Coordinator for the Vice President for Finance, Troy Building, Fifth floor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 110 8th Street, Troy, NY 12180. Ms. Salvati can also be reached by phone at (518) 276-6426. Please note “Earthquake Relief” on the memo line, and write the check or have the money order payable to the agency and not to Rensselaer.”


For my friends and readers in the metro New York City area, there will be a New Yorkers for Haiti Benefit to support relief efforts tonight (January 15th) from 6:00pm to 8:30pm at Talay (701 West 135th St @ 12th Ave). Suggested minimum donation is $25. All proceeds will go to UNICEF. (thanks to Hope Gause for the info).

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