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More Info on RPI Matching Donations for Faculty, Staff & Students

Just received this letter announcing that in addition to making payments through RPI, the Institute will also honor contributions made to the three charity/recovery organizations they selected (Americares, OxfamAmerica, and Save the Children) through their respective websites. These matching donations are being made in addition to the $30,000 given to these organizations ($10,000 each).

It is my understanding that contributions will be matched from current faculty, staff, and students only.

The complete letter:


In our efforts to aid those in need in Haiti, we would like to expand the options for how Rensselaer faculty, staff and students can have their charitable contributions to AmeriCares, Oxfam America, or Save the Children matched by the Institute. Yesterday’s letter from President Jackson had specified that, for this matching contribution to take place, payments could be made by check or money order. We are expanding this to include online payment to one of these three listed charities.

If you would like your online payment to AmeriCares, Oxfam America, or Save the Children to be matched by the Institute, please forward the receipt for your contribution (the online acknowledgement showing the charity, donor and amount) to salval@rpi.edu . All proof of donations made in this way will be matched by Rensselaer.

Additionally, donations may be made via Rensselaer’s website for online giving, at http://www.rpi.edu/giving/giveonline.html . If using this method, please select “other” and type in “Haiti Relief Fund.”

Rensselaer will match these funds as well.  However, please note that, if you use this method, your credit card statement will show a debit to “RPI,” not to one of the listed charities.  Funds in this account designated for the Haiti Relief Fund will be totaled, and checks for the donation plus matching funds will be sent to the three listed charities.

Thank you.

Please direct any questions to Laura Salvati at 518.276.6426

The websites for each organization are as follows:
  AmeriCares –  http://www.americares.org/
  Oxfam America –  http://www.oxfamamerica.org/
  Save the Children –  http://www.savethechildren.org/

Again, kudos to the RPI for implementing this, and for the Finance Department for all their hard work in getting this situated and put together. Very proud of the Institute today.

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