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Help for Haiti


Yesterday, an earthquake measuring a frightening 7.0 on the Richter scale hit Haiti. It was the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in well over two hundred years.

The loss of life is staggering, the images heartbreaking, and the damage seemingly insurmountable.

But if history has proven anything, it’s that the global community does have the ability to come together regardless of socio-political divides to provide hope, help, and healing in times of great tragedy and duress. We can, even if just for a moment, become better than we too often allow in the spirit of generosity, love, charity, and concern. In these, our greater moments, we work with the knowledge that no challenge is too great and no disaster is complete so long as we remain steadfast in our regard for our fellow human beings.

It can be a harrowing process to examine the devastation inherent in a disaster of this magnitude and consider the prospects and perceived inconsequence of our actions, thoughts, prayers, and contributions. It is enough that conditions and political turmoil in the country have in the past been far too challenging for us to grapple, but I do not ask or expect us to fundamentally change the way we think or operate in the modern world. I simply ask that we remember, first and foremost, that there are survivors who desperately need food, shelter, and in some cases rescuing.

Heres how you can help:


CLICK HERE to donate online, or call 1-888-407-4747


UNICEF has established a fund to provide emergency relief and long-term care for the children of Haiti. CLICK HERE to donate and get more information.


Wyclef Jean’s foundation, Yele Haiti, has established a way to help simply by using your phone. Send the text YELE to 501 501 to make a $5 donation (to be charged on your cell phone bell) to the Yele’s Haiti Earthquake Fund. Donations can also be made on the organization’s website, Yele.org.

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