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Gathering Storm Clouds (Plus Some Reflection on Forebears)

Before I begin, I’d like to first thank everyone who showed their support – through either physical attendance, kind words, or a friendly plug – for the first weekend of Confetti Stage’s 5th Annual Short Play Festival, and in particular my entry Forebears of Bad News. Specific props go to The Troy Record and All Over Albany for their mentions and coverage of the Festival.

Speaking of which, The Troy Record provided a really great write-up of the first weekend and specifically yours truly on Saturday. You can view the article here (TroyRecord.com).

Back to Forebears – I had cast members and perfect strangers both encourage me to expand it into a full-length play, which honestly took me by surprise. I was deeply appreciative of those words, but moreso the effort put forth by director Peter Keller (who’s only 16 years old) and the wonderful cast that stepped forth to bring my work to life on the stage. Once I was forced by some very dear friends of mine to overcome my aversion to seeing anything I’ve produced acted out and sit through a performance, I was pleased with what I saw. So to Michael, Vivian, Dannielle, Sean, Isaac, and Stephen – my sincerest and deepest thanks. You were all wonderful.

Now that the first weekend is over, I can focus on the two roles I have in the second weekend of the festival; appearing in Renee Day’s Until Death Do We Part and Stephen Henel’s fantastic and magical one-act Faint Hearts. In Until Death, I play the role of an unhappily married man whose only friend in the world is still visiting him post-mortem by inhabiting corpses in a funeral home. And I know there’s a lot of you reading this that will LOVE the concept of Faint Hearts, which is the story of The Tin Man’s triumphant return to his home with Scarecrow in tow, only to find the love of his life has moved on and become betrothed to another – again played by ME.

So that’s what’s on tap for this weekend. As for life outside of local theatrical pursuits…

Well, for all the wonderful stuff happening creatively, it seems as if storm clouds have gathered over every other aspect of my life. The latest is my car – either the brake lines need to be flushed out to release contaminated fluid and/or air, or I need a new master cylinder. Either way, I can’t really afford to fix it right now, so it’s going to sit in my driveway for a couple weeks. Luckily I live very close to my work, and I really only need transportation to and from the Hall for rehearsal, and  for that I can bum ride from castmates.

Still, it sucks to live in an area that’s so reliant on vehicular transportation in order to function. Particularly in the areas that have been occupying (perhaps a more apt descriptor would be “eating up”) my free time. It doesn’t help either that my social circle, though of a healthy size, resides only partially within my city limits.

As a result, after this weekend (the second and final weekend of the Short Play Festival – http://www.confettistage.com for more info) I may be taking an involuntary hiatus from local theater, unless something else pops up in Troy. The unintended consequence is that it’ll make me into a semi-recluse, which will force me to work on a couple writing projects, one of which was alluded to at the end of the article in the Troy Record I linked at the beginning of this entry.

There’s other things going on personally that have given me pause, concern, confusion, and stress. Nobody reading this should take it as being about them in particular. It’s just been a perfect storm of numerous situations that have been very stressful and emotionally trying. It’ll pass with time.

Ah, bullocks to my personal issues. Come and see me act in the second and final weekend of the Short Play Festival this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8:00pm. It’ll BLOW YOUR FREAKING MIND.

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