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Even in Arcadia, There Am I

Two months of hard work, frustration, and nerves culminate tonight in the opening of the Delta Xi Cast of Alpha Phi Omega’s production of Arcadia at the RPI Playhouse (15th Street, Troy NY). We kick off at 8:00pm. My call is for 6:30pm, so I don’t have much time before I have to get myself mentally prepared to walk into the doors of the Playhouse as a pretentious 27-year-old jerk and transform into a pretentious 22-year-old rake.

The transition is much more difficult than my facetious comments would indicate. It’s been a challenge, both in terms of the material and discovering just who Septimus Hodge is and what exactly makes him tick. But it’s been a rewarding experience all around, in no small part to the people I had to work with. I’ll elaborate on that in a future post where I give proper thanks and recognition. For now, I have to go and get ready.

@ The RPI Playhouse (15th St., Troy, NY)
September 4th & 5th @8pm
September 6th @2pm
September 11th & 12th @8pm

Reserve Tickets: (518) 276-6503

Before I go, I need to note that September 4th, 2009 is important for another reason entirely: it’s the day The New York Post officially jumped the shark. I didn’t think it was possible myself, but then I walked into work this morning and…well…


Richard Dreyfuss, Liam Neeson, and Eugene Levy star in “Blue Steel & White Tallits.” Coming Summer 2010.

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