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Well-deserved Props, a Short Play Festival update, and more!

Well folks, it’s been a busy week and next one’s looking even busier!

Firstly, a hearty congratulations to Anderson Silva and a reluctant one to BJ Penn for their performances at UFC 101. I know I’ve not been shy about my distaste for his approach to losing and poor work ethic, but the man’s natural talent is abundant and undeniable and he proved it on Saturday in his victory over Kenny Florian. Anderson Silva I will never say anything about, because I’m convinced he’s some sort of Brazilian Superman and will hear me if I even so much as doubt the full veracity of his invulnerability. Five hits, three knockdowns, and a knockout punch while his opponent was fading away from him that broke his jaw. I’m expecting him to start teleporting around the Octagon in his next fight. Unreal.

Anyways, I’ve read through one of the short plays I’m in on Saturday with our cast for Until Death Do We Part by Renee Day. Of course, because of the rehearsal schedule and upcoming performances of Arcadia at the RPI Playhouse on 15th Street in Troy, NY on September 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th & 12th, we won’t be able to rehearse in earnest for quite some time. But make no mistake, this (and other short plays included in the festival) are going to be a blast to see come to life. It’s my hope that Ms. Day is pleased with the final results, and I’m certainly looking forward to help bring her characters and concept to life. The play is being directed by Patrick Rooney and stars Isaac Newberry, Kari Vanalstine, and of course yours truly.

(Do you like how I snuck a plug inside of another plug? Damnit, I’m good.)

The other play that I’m performing in will have its first read-through on Wednesday. It’s called Faint Hearts and is written by longtime friend (and current roommate) Stephen Henel. It’s not hyperbole when I say that I read it for the first time on Saturday and was blown away by both the concept and its execution. The play is about what happens when the Tin Woodsman returns home to his love, only to find she’s moved on while he was off gallivanting with a lion, a scarecrow, some chick and her dog. It’s as wildly entertaining as it sounds, and yet makes some profound statements on the nature of human interactions and relationships in regard to love and distance. The more than capable cast includes yours truly, Jeremy Noble, Jennifer Bullington, and the return to the stage of none other than Maeve McEneny. w00t!

I’ve also learned that the eight short plays will be broken down into four each weekend. Once I have a breakdown of the schedule, you can be sure I’ll be posting it.

In the meantime, I should get some damn sleep, shouldn’t I? It’s back to the grind of Arcadia, after all. Ticket info on THAT coming soon as well.

Until next time, keep on keepin’ on!

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  1. cuteellaisbold
    August 10, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    Keepin’ on.

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