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You wish this was about the Bible version. I mean seriously, ever glance through that part of the good book? There’s some really awesome heavy metal shit occurring in that passage. Although most Biblical scholars would disagree, I’m fairly certain that The Book of Revelations was simply the first draft of the script for the cutaway scenes in the Led Zeppelin concert-movie “The Song Remains the Same.” Dig John Paul Jones battling that giant sea serpent!

Anyway, today was a day for Revelations:

  1. I work with some fairly awesome people.
  2. I’m in two of the short plays, both as characters named Frank. If my real name were Frank, I could make an allusion to the fact that Tony Danza had this weird thing where it seemed like he could only play characters named Tony – as if his method was that he thought it was all real and wouldn’t respond to his fellow actors when they addressed his character by any other name. Instead, I can just say I think it’s amazing that two different playwrights both used the name “Frank” and I would never do such a thing because I hate that damn name.
  3. I actually really do kind of hate the name Frank.
  4. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are a couple. I seriously did not know this. My ignorance was to such an extent that when this was first told to me by my good friend Seth Bove, I scoffed at him as if he were the idiot.
  5. I think I can be okay with the idea of people performing my play, maybe. I’ve simmered since last night’s debacle.
  6. I’m an old man when it comes to the internet. I just don’t have the time nor the inclination to check out all these sites and blogs and the new feature at suchandsuch.com. Speaking of which, I need to try to jump in and steal that domain in the future, just so I can make it a site for people who are far older in mind than they are in body and actual age. With articles like “Tumblr? Jesus, do I have to? Really? No? Okay, good” and “Oh God, I had forgotten TheOnion.com even existed”
  7. Macbooks are awesome and I love having one.
  8. I stay up way later than I should.

Night! –

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