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Coming this September: THE FALL OF KEVIN MARSHALL

ft. Kevin Marshall as Septimus Hodge
September 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, & 12th
 @ the RPI Playhouse (15th Street, Troy NY)

including FOREBEARS OF BAD NEWS, a short play by yours truly
also featuring yours truly as a performer in at least one other play
September 24th, 25th, & 26th
October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 
 @ Albany Masonic Hall (Lodge St., Albany NY)


And it’s only July, which means I have at least eight more weeks to make my personal schedule/creative output even more unbearable and stressful than it already is. As such, I decided that September (and parts of October) will be promoted as THE FALL OF KEVIN MARSHALL, because I have a huge ego and it’s catchy.

As far as ARCADIA is concerned, the only anxiety I get is during the rehearsal process.  The short play is another story, which I discovered tonight.

I attended the second night of auditions for the Short Play Festival with the idea that I’d observe and stick around afterwards to help them cast. Then I was asked to audition, which I agreed to with some hesitancy but then became a bit more enthusiastic once I was in front of a group (it was an Open Audition) and my inner attention whore was allowed to shine.

Then a weird thing happened when my side – meaning a portion of my script to be read out loud by the auditioning actors – came up to be read. I freaked. Totally, completely, and undeniably freaked out. I couldn’t watch. I had to leave the room each time my side was being presented, which was quite frequently. The folks organizing understood; I wasn’t too disruptive about it.

What a worrisome revelation. In addition to the quirk of being unable to watch myself on video, I apparently also have this complete phobia when it comes to watching words I write come to life. I’ve always been a bit defeatist when it comes to my own output in terms of both acting and writing (“my own worst critic”), but the degree to which it made me unable to contribute to my own damn play was quite shocking. It also lead to me second-guessing every single aspect of the play. I’m told it came across as very conversational and that it “didn’t read like a play in the best way possible.” I’m willing to accept those statements at face value considering their source, but on the same token I can’t help but shake the feeling that they’re wrong and I’m awful.

Lest anyone think otherwise, none of this is a put-on. I really am this anxious and #$%@ed up when it comes to anything I write/perform/etcetera.

Oh well, other people think it’s good so you might as well. So check it out. AND my performance earlier in the month as Septimus Hodge in ARCADIA. Oh, AND check out the other short plays that are part of the festival, at least one of which (and likely more) I’ll be performing in.


A Shill for Self,
Kevin Marshall 

P.S. Each time I write ARCADIA, I want you to imagine me singing the word like the Activia jingle.

P.P.S. How depressing is it that Jamie Lee Curtis has become known as “The Activia Lady?”  G–damn kids these days never saw “True Lies” and think she’s just some weird old lady who’s way too comfortable talking about her own bowel movements.

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