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Nixon Releases Posthumous Rap Album

In what’s being called the biggest release thus far of 2009, a posthumous rap album from Tricky Dick has dropped that has everybody talking.

Hit 'em Where It Hurts

Tricky Dick - Hit 'em Where It Hurts

The controversial President and hip-hop bigmouth has opened up quite a can of worms with fans this time around.  While some have praised the lyrical impresario for breaking the Ivy League barrier in Presidential hip-hop, others have described his lyrics as derogatory and setting a poor example for the youth that purchases his albums.  He was certainly a polarizing figure in political hip-hop circles, a role that has continued well past his death.

In addition to his derogatory remarks regarding women and inter-racial babies, Nixon also stepped up his beefs by releasing numerous battle tracks against the likes of former GOP Clan co-hort Spiro Agnew, rival George McGovern, and South Vietnam President Nguyen Van Thieu.

He also doesn’t hold back on his views of abortion.  In “A Black and A White,” perhaps his most controversial track ever, Nixon spits venom into the mic:

There are times when abortions / are necessary, I know that. / Like a black and a white

Love him or hate him, Tricky Dick doesn’t let you guess what’s on his mind.  For more, peep this link.


1. Peace as Honor
2. Cut Off His Head if Necessary (Thieu’s Song)
3. All This is Gonna Do is Stir It Up (featuring Rev. Billy Graham)
4.  A Black and a White
5.  It’s Treasonable
6. How to Handle Agnew
7.  I Don’t Do It Because I’m For Women
8. Public Marytrdom
9.  Put It To ‘Em

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  1. June 24, 2009 at 8:22 am

    You forgot the bonus track: Flashlight – The Remix feat. George Clinton

  2. July 24, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    Let me make this PERFECTLY CLEAR! I am not a crook! He was awesome,and way ahead of his time. Too many wimps today can’t get into his power trip!
    But our new President is getting into his rap. “Let me be clear on this!” Man good times are coming back with the Nixon street cred picked up by our President. It makes me proud that he is getting into the Nixon rap.

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