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I DECLARE WAR (if by “declaring war” we mean bitching about one time on my blog) ON KFC

There are plenty of reasons not to eat at KFC, the franchise formerly known as "Kentucky Fried Chicken" (FACT – the real reason they go by KFC is because the State of Kentucky put a trademark on "Kentucky" and NOT because what they serve can’t be identified as chicken).  Chief among them is that despite all attempts to church up their franchise through clever marketing and the intervention of Oprah Winfrey, they’re still nothing more than your typical fast food restaurant.  Terrible quality, quick but awful service, and food so woefully unhealthy that it makes one wonder what exactly the FDA’s purpose is if it’s not protecting Americans from the poisonous deep fried fat the franchise stuffs into the mouths of morbidly obese Americans.

On the other hand, I’ve always been one to say live and let live.  Or, as Paul McCartney once wrote, "Live and let die choking on a chunk of over-processed chunks of cheap meat" (I’m paraphrasing).  After all, I’ve only been a non-smoker for less than a year, and I’m not one to deny myself foods that others may turn their nose at for various reasons, health-related and otherwise.

Just minutes ago, however, KFC earned my permanent ire with their online advertising.

I followed a link provided by a friend on Facebook to watch a video from "The Daily Show."  The segment was about Long Islanders wanting to secede from the Union.  Being a former student at Siena College, I found the prospect of ridiculing the dumber residents of Long Island particularly enticing.  First, though, I had to sit through an advertisement.

So I let the advertisement run, opening up another tab to see what kinda bullshit people I know are Twittering about these days (HINT: it’s not important!).  Hearing the actual video itself clicked in, I went back to watch the video.

Instead, I saw the following:

An advertisement for Kentucky Grilled Chicken.  Which is all well and good, except as you can see in the image above, IT’S BLOCKING THE GODDAMN VIDEO.

Now, it’s one thing to have a flash ad that pops up.  As obnoxious as they are, they usually have a little "X" somewhere that allows you to close out the advertisement so you can resume whatever activities you went to that site for in the first place.

This ad, on the other hand, would not go away.  It was like a scene out of a horror movie.  I saw an irritating pixie-like Madison Avenue version of a geeky chick dancing around a bucket of chicken, and when it was over, it just sat there.  It was like seeing something so awful that I couldn’t bear to look away.

Except in this instance, I tried.  But it wouldn’t let me.  The only way for me to get rid of the advertisement was to refresh the window, at which point I had to sit through ANOTHER AD that I’d already sat through to watch the video in the first place.

Now, a lot of you are probably thinking that it’s a bit ridiculous for me to spend more time blogging about something than the amount of time it took to simply wait for the video to load without the obnoxious KFC ad.  However, there’s a more important point – I will now, for the foreseeable future, associate KFC with a disruptive ad that prevented me from seeing something that I mightenjoy.  Whereas the idea of an advertisement is to get me to enjoy a product, instead I will be unable to even entertain the idea of trying it out without thinking of the hindrance and annoyance of their advertisement.

ATTENTION ADVERTISERS:  "viral marketing" doesn’t mean "annoy the shit out of the consumer."  Despite what you’ve been led to believe, there is such a thing as bad publicity and negative connotation.

KFC – "We Do Chicken Right, Just Don’t Ask Us to Get You to Try It Unless Oprah’s Paying For It."

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  1. June 17, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    On the up side, that was pretty much the best Daily Show segment ever. Staten Island will forever be on my list of states from now on.

  2. June 18, 2009 at 12:58 am

    Thank you for acknowledging there is such a thing as an intelligent Long Islander…after viewing this, even I wasn’t sure.


    I have always considered myself a New Yorker, and I always will. Because you once you LEAVE Long Island – if you TELL people you’re FROM Long Island, they say; “where?”

    Yes, this was the best Daily Show segment EVER.

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