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Your Kevin Marshall Health Alert

So I went to the Doctor’s a got a physical for the first time in…man, it’s gotta be about nine years now. The end result is that I’m in good health and have “excellent” blood pressure. I’d expressed some concerns about recent changes in my lifestyle, including but not limited to my exercise regime, diet, and the fact that I quit smoking in August. All’s well!

Two items of interest did come out of the visit. One is that my concern about lung capacity, particularly when I’m running, isn’t quite as warranted as I’d thought. Although I smoked nine and a half years with it getting up to a pack and a half to two packs a day towards the end, the age at which I quit means that the damage done to my lung capacity is reversible. It’s just going to take a couple years, literally, for that to happen. He suggested bringing it up again at the next physical should I not be where I think I should be, but to hear that I don’t and won’t need an inhaler was a relief.

He did recommend that I get an MRI at some point. My father’s side of the family has a history of brain aneurysms, with my father in particular suffering from one back in ’89 that nearly killed him. He had told me about four months ago that his doctors recommended to him that we (his children) all get an MRI to see if we’re at risk, and my Doctor (without me even mentioning it) echoed those sentiments. So within the next few weeks I’m going to look into scheduling it – I just want to be sure I’m fully covered for it, which I imagine I should be considering my family history and the fact that it’s considered preventitive.

In other health-related news, I’ve begun taking advantage of the weather the past couple weeks and made a habit out of strictly walking to and from work. I’ve decided to let errands and meet-ups with people be damned; I’m going to be running a little late if I’m coming from work. Weather permitting, of course. I also want to get a bike and get into the habit of using that for my primary method of transportation within the city, but I’m not sure if I have the money for it just yet. I’m not even looking to get a mountain bike, just something that’ll get me from Point A to Point B. Also, one that doesn’t have a pink basket on the front and rainbow tassles coming out the handles.

Also, I don’t have Swine Flu. Nor do I plan on visiting Mexico anytime soon, although the decision not to do so was influenced long ago by the fact that you run the risk of death if you drink the water and the country’s controlled by violent drug cartels.

This is what we call “blogging for the sake of blogging.” Eat it.

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