Okay, maybe they’re not “important” by your definition, or mine, or anybody else with a pulse. However, they may be of some interest to you. But most likely not. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m a big goddamn liar.


Firstly, before we begin the weekend, a public service announcement to the 25 and under crowd that acquired much of their humor, culture, and style from the internet: INTERNET JOKES DO NOT ALWAYS (AND AS A MATTER OF FACT RARELY) WORK IN REAL LIFE. When you say things like “I can has water” (in front of a water fountain) out loud and even the friend you’re with doesn’t laugh, it’s not because he didn’t hear you. That sort of humor just doesn’t translate to the real world. In fact, very little of what happens on here on the internet translates well to the real world. So fucking stop that, because I already live with enough anxiety without overhearing that sort of stuff and feeling anxious and embarrassed for the person saying it.

Secondly, Brian (bpdermody and I have not one but two episodes of the “Living Under Marshall Law” podcast in the can.

The first runs the gamut. We talk about a published author sleeping on Brian’s couch (this darn economy) as well as his book that sounds like a fascinating read, ask whether Twitter is a boon or detriment to our society, discuss a bumper sticker I saw that forever changed my outlook on life, and much more.

The second is a review of Wrestlemania 25, our thoughts on how the event represents the wrestling industry as a whole (and not in a good way), and a bold statement made by yours truly towards the end that struck Brian P. Dermody speechless.

Both will be available in the coming days, and will be posted seperately. That way, if you don’t like wrestling, you don’t have to listen to the second one! YOU’RE WELCOME, HATERS.

Alright. I’m off to see family, see friends, sing, and see my woman again. In that order. Y’all have a wonderful weekend!

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