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Ichiro: Always and Forever

I’m going to pretend you can muster an insincere interest in my Fantasy Baseball draft results. Annnnnd here they are:

01. Jimmy Rollins (SS, Phillies)
02. Alfonso Soriano (OF, Cubs)
03. Ichiro Suzuki (OF, Mariners)
04. Justin Morneau (1B, Twins)
05. Jonathan Papelbon (RP, Red Sox)
06. Dan Uggla (2B, Marlins)
07. Francisco Liriano (SP, TWins)
08. Mariano Rivera (RP, Yankees)
09. Felix Hernandez (SP, Mariners)
10. Ryan Zimmerman (3B, Nationals)
11. Ryan Doumit (C, Pirates)
12. Justin Verlander (SP, Tigers)
13. Ryan Dempster (SP, Cubs)
14. Brian Wilson (RP, Giants)
15. Vernon Wells (OF, Blue Jays)
16. Matt Garza (SP, Rays)
17. Huston Street (RP, Rockies)
18. Xavier Nady (OF, Yankees)
19. Carlos Guillen (1B,3B, Tigers)
20. Matt Lindstrom (RP, Marlins)
21. Rickie Weeks (2B, Brewers)
22. Orlando Cabrera (SS, Athletics)
23. A.J. Pierzynski (C, White Sox)
24. Ryan Theriot (SS, Cubs)
25. Jair Jurrjens (SP, Braves)
26. Adam LaRoche (1B, Pirates)

Hey, I’m happy, particularly since I’ve kept my streak alive of drafting Ichiro Suzuki in one team every single year I’ve done fantasy baseball.

I’ve developed a bit of a love/hate relationship I’ve developed with The Decemberists album. I was listening to it a few more times yesterday and kept alternating between developing an appreciation for it and deciding that it sounded like The Decemberists committing a sex crime on The Arcade Fire. I’m leaning towards the latter right now.

Alright. I suppose I should go put some clothes on and get ready for our final evening performance of “Trip to Bountiful” with the Schenectady Civic Players (12 S Church St., Schenectady / 8pm tonight & 2:30pm tomorrow).

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