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Poor Uncle Michael

I slept soundly last night until about 5:00am, at which point I woke up from a pretty terrible dream. The details are a bit sketchy, but I remember it starting out with me calling my supervisor to inform her that I’d been hit with a double-whammy of deaths. One was someone I described as “one of my best friends” and the other was my “Uncle Michael.” She then informed me that someone that also works at our place of employment had passed, at which point I broke down and started sobbing hysterically.

The friend in my dream who passed will remain nameless, particularly since s/he is a regular reader of this blog.

I don’t have an Uncle Michael. But in the dream I did, and I remember explaining to somebody in the dream that he wasn’t really my Uncle but rather my cousin…except the guy in my dream isn’t really my cousin at all. Oh, and it was Michael Keaton. Yes, THAT Michael Keaton.

It shook me. I don’t know why, but it did. I think part of it is the realization that, as of late, I haven’t been in touch with that friend of mine as often as I used to be. I need to rectify that and other connections I’ve neglected in the last few months. And also, Michael Keaton hasn’t done a movie in like a decade. What the Hell happened to him anyway?

On a more light-hearted note, when I told my supervisor in my dream that my “Uncle Michael” had passed, I remember explaining “You—you know. *sniff* Michael Keaton from buh-buh-buh-Batman *sob*”.

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  1. March 23, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    Dreams about death like that refer to changes that your friends are going through, phases you’re recognizing in their life that you aren’t sure how you’re dealing with but apparently your subconscious wants to cry about it 🙂

  2. March 23, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    Been a funny time for dreams. This weekend, Seth and I had a fight (a ridiculous and weird fight that means nothing) that we only 50% resolved before bed. I spent the rest of the night dreaming of myself, irrationally screaming and raging at people. We’re talking Hulk, destructive rage. It was so bizarre.

    But last night I had an AWESOME dream about a castle/labyrinth and a really hot dude who had one leg! Penn and Teller were my friends from a parallel universe!

  3. March 23, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    Look up Michael Keaton on Wikipedia or IMDB. He’s actually been working pretty steadily, just in more low-profile stuff.

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