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If You’re Looking for Something Sexy or Exciting, You’re Going to be Disappointed with This Post

This weekend ended up being a lot more productive than I intended. After fully expecting not to get any cleaning done, I was struck with a surge of energy late Saturday afternoon that resulted in the kitchen, living room, AND bathroom being cleaned and disinfected. It was a Kevin Marshall & Bleach tornado here at the apartment, and I just hope that with both of the roommates returning today I don’t find by Tuesday that it was all for naught.

Other than that and the successful and encouraging gym session yesterday, I kept it fairly low key. Hung out here for most of Friday night, then met up with the girl and we ventured out briefly. Saturday night was the same deal – watched the UFC with my good friend McLocks. We haven’t had a chance to hang out and talk fighting in a long time, so it was good to catch up in that sense. The “Ultimate Fight Night” on Spike wasn’t bad either, and I’m definitely encouraging folks to keep an eye on Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and Joe Lauzon. Mark my words: eighteen months from now there’ll be a strong case for citing Lauzon as the freaking man at 155.

Met up with people at Brown’s afterwards which was a lot of fun as well. It was all very low key, and that’s exactly what I needed it to be given the last few weeks and what will most likely be a semi-busy schedule in March due to the play that I’m in. It’s a small role, but a time commitment just in terms of having to be there for scene blocking and full runs. I’ll provide more information as we get closer to opening night.

And thus ends an incredibly mundane blog posting recapping a weekend wherein I did very little except clean and hang out with friends in the most passive possible manner.

More later…

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