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Birthdays, Beatings, Bowls and More (Summary of What You Missed Last Week While I Wasn’t Blogging)

I was awoken this morning to a loud banging on the door. I peeked to catch a glance and see who it was and saw the angry and impatient stares of the Internet Police. I opened the door and before I could say “what seems to be the problem officers,” they pinned me on the ground with their batons, slapped the cuffs on me, and informed me that I was under arrest for Blog Neglect.

Soooo what’s gone down since the last time I updated this?

Well, I had a birthday for one! As of January 26th, I’m officially an old man. Okay, not really, since I only turned 27. I didn’t have any parties, surprise or otherwise, but rather spent the day on leisurely outings with my girlfriend.

It was exactly what I needed after a day at work that was so atrocious I wrote AND printed my letter of resignation without even having another job to fall back on. I ended up taking the advice of folks and sleeping on it for a couple nights, which resulted in me not submitting the letter. It is, however, sitting in an unmarked envelope on my desk as we speak.

Many folks, myself included, falsely think that reminding people who are unhappy at their place of employment that they should feel lucky to be employed don’t really take into account the toll it takes on prospects and the American worker’s psyche. Yes, I’m glad I have a job with benefits that doesn’t pay terrible. However, I also know that the job market around here is garbage, and as such I’m not likely to find anything better (in terms of pay or otherwise) that I’m qualified to do. Having a roof over my head is a good feeling, but feeling like you’re living your life with a gun pointed to your head certainly isn’t.

But she, because she’s amazing, made me forget about all that as soon as I saw her. She gave me a wonderful birthday, and I made sure she knew just how much I appreciated her efforts. And her.

The next night we had my family gathering for my birthday, which consisted of two of my sisters, all four of the nieces, and my father. They invited her, she met them, and they mesh together very well. She was a big fan of my family, and my family were BIG fans of her. It’s been many years since I’ve introduced a woman I’ve been involved with to my sisters and I’m through the moon over how well it went.

But while I was having a good week, I had that sore throat from a couple weeks ago slowly come back. It culminated in me waking up on Friday morning with my throat feeling so sore and so tight that I thought it was going to close up, and after taking a hot shower I started gingerly bringing up some of the mucous that had accumulated in my throat. It was incredibly painful, and much to my dismay, I found I was coughing up a little bit of blood with it. I called in to work and took a trip to the doctor, who told me that the previous blood tests they’d sent out two weeks ago confirmed their suspicions of Strep B. They didn’t bother calling me because either way, they’d already prescribed the amoxicillin to treat it. The reason it came back? Well, I may be one of only three people my doctor’s seen whose body lacks a very specific enzyme that prevents amoxicillin from completely eradicating an infection.

Oh, and at one point in the last few months I apparently got mono and fought it off without even realizing it. What the Hell, body?

Anyway, I ended up going down to New York City this past weekend regardless of my illness, though I found that once Saturday night arrived I was feeling just fine with only a slight amount of discomfort. I watched the UFC with bpdermody and his friends. He didn’t know I was coming down; his girlfriend (rainbows82) and I conspired to keep it from him. It was part of a late Christmas present from her that also included her paying for the pay-per-view itself. It was, truly, the week of rad fuckin’ girlfriends.

As for the UFC event itself, it was an interesting night to say the least. I think Karo Parisyan being given the decision over Kim was complete crap, I’m glad to see that Clay Guida is back to almost being a contender at 155, and holy crap I had no idea BJ Penn owed Georges St. Pierre so much money. He must’ve, since there’s no other explanation for that hellacious beating that Penn took for four rounds before they stopped it between rounds. Speaking of which, shame on referee Herb Dean for not stopping that fight himself.

As brief as the excursion was, I had a great time and both Brian and Marla should be commended for being such awesome hosts and great people in general. I was also reminded of how much I love that city.

Sunday, of course, was The Super Bowl. There was a party hosted by iambliss and pgnblade, and there was even more gorging of food. Oh, did I mention that my birthday week I went completely off the rails with good eating? Well, I did. But anyway, the game was a lot better than I anticipated, although I called the 4th Quarter right before it happened, in particular the part where the Cardinals exploded out of nowhere and nearly stole the game.

Then we watched part of The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, which I’d never seen before. And holy crap, I didn’t realize it was like doggie cock-fighting in there! I think the cardboard stand-ups with crowd painted on them were actually there to cover up all the shouting Mexicans. I also felt incredibly sorry for the guy who had to play the “ref” and shill stuff like carpet cleaner. He had to dork it up so much I wouldn’t be surprised if he got pantsed and had his Starbucks money taken from him on a daily basis.

And that was my week. It was at times tumultuous, but mostly good. Here’s hoping this one’s just as good, but with a little less illness.


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  1. February 4, 2009 at 3:17 am

    Unfortunately, thanks to the whole Vaseline debacle, we’ll never hear the end of this one.

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