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Hometown Pride

There’s a lot of slagging off in this area about the city of Troy, the municipality in which yours truly was born and raised. This comes in various forms: snide derisive comments from other folks in the area (including people from Cohoes and the like who shouldn’t say nothin’), loud drunken comments at shitty bars in Albany that fail at apeing Manhattan hotspots, and woefully unfunny videos posted to YouTube by college students with all the charisma and social graces of dishrags.

But Troy ain’t all that bad. Our city was the birthplace of inspirational 19th Century meat packer Samuel “Uncle Sam” Wilson and Maureen Stapleton. We have a decent art scene downtown, some good eateries, a thriving Antique District, “Troy Night Out” the last Friday of every month, some of the best concerts in the area at Revolution Hall (who needs Saratoga Winners?), the most violent mosh pits in American history, and much more that only scratches the surface of our city has to offer to the area and, dare I say, the world at large.

But a post by Naomi Seldin to TimesUnion.com’s “Simpler Living” blog trumps all of the above with a stunning revelation involving surrounding municipalities and their views on personal freedom:

So a Schenectady-based running of the bulls is a no-go, but we still weren’t clear about what this meant for residents itching to do some urban egg farming.

I called the city clerk’s office this morning and got my answer: a definite “No.”

For the record, it’s also not legal in Albany, but it is in Troy (I called the city clerks offices in both cities before I wrote my story).

And you may ask yourself – what’s not legal in Albany or Schenectady, but IS in Troy? What civil liberty is infringed upon if you aren’t a resident of the Collar City?

One word:


YES. Though you can’t own chickens in Schenectady or Albany, Troy has no such ordinance that so shamelessly flies in the face of human dignity and says no to your right to have chickens running around your back yard.

So the next time this happens:
Jerk on Lark Street with Hockey Haircut: “Oh man, Troy’s so trashy and scummy.”
You can say
You: “…said Hitler to the Jews. Hey, won’t don’t you go back to your overpriced apartment and sit on your hands while your city continues to trample on your barnyard rights? How dare you, sir, sit there and look down on my city? Obviously, you hate our freedom and yourself.”

As a devoted Trojan, it fills me with great pride knowing that my fair city is the only one of the Big 3 municipal powers in the Capital Region that respects the God-given rights of men and women to have chickens.


More later…

Big ups to Naomi Seldin and The Times Union for actually finding this out. You learn something new every day! Naomi also literally gives things away in her “Simpler Living” blog, so why not check it out?

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