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WEEKEND UPDATE: “BSG,” Karaoke, The Written Word, Friends on Dates, and More

Last night was the season premiere of “Battlestar Galactica.” There are already enough places on the internet where lunatics can converge to yell and scream and type in all capital letters about what they loved and hated, so I won’t get into specifics of what the episode revealed. Instead I’ll share what for me were the two most noteworthy aspects of last night’s season premiere:
1. I actually showed up unfashionably late to a gathering of friends on a Friday night – and nearly didn’t go at all – so I could watch a television show on Sci-Fi.
2. Upon seeing my Facebook status dropping the “BSG” acronym, my sister asked what it stood for and made some very interesting guesses including but not limited to “Big Sexy Guys.”

Then I went out to karaoke and sang “You Got Another Thing Coming” by Judas Priest followed by “She’s Like the Wind” by The Sway-man himself. Oh, and in between those two songs I got the most adorable phone call from the girlfriend who was out of town for a gig. It seriously made my night.

I KNOW I know I’ll stop.

Today I was all set and ready to hit the gym at 10:00am. Then I woke up, said “no” and slept until noon. Immediately after getting out of bed, my sister called asking if I was still up for giving her a hand with her move. So I drove to her current residence, loaded up my car, and followed her to her new home which I saw today for the first time. It’s spacious but cozy and looks out onto a huge cornfield. And, to boot, it’s right up the road from me on Route 7. Words can’t express how happy I am for her.

Afterwards I went to an AA meeting and made a trip to the comic book store to finally pick up my pulls for the week. I chatted with the guy that works there on weekends who also happens to be the owner’s cousin. We talked a bit about music since whatever he was playing had caught my interest. I don’t have much familiarity with Marty Stuart, but I listened to selections from “Compadres” that the dude played for me and fell in love with it. So I have somebody else to download.

I drove up the hill from downtown to recharge my batteries at the apartment and read a comic or two. I ended up only reading the latest issue of “Final Crisis,” which was a slight improvement but still horribly disjointed. It’s to the point where I’m having trouble accepting that one of the two biggest comic book companies in the world actually gave Grant Morrisson money to write an event book that reads like the worst fan fiction you’d come across on the internet.

I didn’t want to spoil any of my other comics for the week with the bad taste Morrisson’s shitty writing had left in my mouth, so I went to a coffee shop to do my own shitty writing. At least with my own shitty writing, I don’t end up paying money for it (other than for a cup of coffee and the occasional soup) and can take full responsibility for it when it becomes an incomprehensible mess.

I was feeling wholly uninspired to do anything except work on brainstorming that Western novel I may never write. In slightly less than two hours time I continued work on profiling the three principle characters, the conflict, what it’s all supposed to represent, and started a rough outline. Fairly soon I’ll have to start some actual genuine research to determine the exact year and locale as well as draw inspiration for the dialect and situations. It’s all a bit daunting, but it’s something I gotta do.

I had initially intended to start off my session writing a free-form short story, but a mental block prevented me from doing so. There was a line I heard somebody say in an AA meeting I attended earlier today that made me sit up in my seat. It wasn’t all that revelatory or unique, but the manner in which it was delivered made me realize how much it had revealed about the person saying it. I had the thought to use it as the inspiration for a short story, but then when I finally had time to sit down I’d forgotten it.

I sat with a pen in my hand, frustrated as all get-out as I tried to remember what it was that I’d heard in that meeting. I even tried to recall the context to see if I could at least come up with a close approximation. Nothing.

On the bright side, that frustration brought about two important realizations. Firstly, I need to stop being so self-conscious and just whip out my moleskin and start writing in it whenever I hear or see something that might inspire me creatively and/or I’d want to use in my writing. Subsequently, I have to stop treating this whole writing thing like a schoolyard crush and make it my mistress. Enough of this bullshit where I stare down her neckline and ogle her cleavage. I have to throw my right arm around her and pull her into me, with my right palm putting pressure on the small of her back.

This transcendent moment of self-realization and growth was shattered when I overheard the following from a young girl at the next table who was having a gripe-session with a fellow co-ed:

“So now I have to take the GMATs (sic). And I don’t even know what that is!”

My life-changing moment had been destroyed, and now all I could do was fight the urge to interrupt her, note that I had overheard the comment, ask her how she could possibly have enough interest in a subject to apply to Grad school for it and NOT KNOW THAT SHE HAD TO TAKE THE FUCKING GMATs. They admit way too many kids into college these days.

I didn’t think about this until just now, but I find it strange that straight girls go on platonic dates to become better friends. While the coffee shop – Mocha Blend – is accessible by bus line and in a convenient spot on Hoosick Street, it’s certainly not a reasonable walk from any campus. These two co-eds were not at that point yet where they were actually friends, so they decided to go out of their way to go to a location where they could get a cup of coffee and get to know each other better.

As strange as I found this concept, what’s even stranger is that it has me asking myself “well, how do I get to know people better?” I mean, with all the friends that I have, I had to do something to get past that point of being friendly acquaintances and transition towards a comfortable and honest friendship. So what were they? And why am I drawing such a blank on this?

Oh, crap, I’m rambling. I need to go find something to do immediately.

More later…

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  1. January 18, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    It’s been quite some time since I’ve clicked into your journal, and I must say I do enjoy the new theme. Working in Troy does make me appreciate knowing where another coffee shop is, even if it’s a drive to get to.

    As a friendly acquaintance, I honestly have no idea how the hell we’d jump past that. I think people make the decision early on as to whether they intend to get to know the other person better and act on it, or say to themselves, nah, I don’t need to care about this person. When the desire to be friends is strong enough on both sides, then each party will call the other often enough and invite them to do various things (movies, video games, comic book browsing, whatever) that they will invariably get together and become friends.

    And honestly, would you really want to go get some coffee with me and hear me talk about my boyfriend/apartment/life? Probably not, so here we are, online. Feel free to invite me to comic book stores though, I probably have a lot of issues I’ve missed out on that I’d like to pick up.

  2. January 18, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    “Firstly, I need to stop being so self-conscious and just whip out my moleskin…” Whoa, whoa, whoa! Down, boy! Let’s not get carried away here…

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