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Quick “People Can’t Drive” Update

Those of you that follow me on Facebook or Twitter might already be aware, but I was almost in a car accident last night. I mean, I suppose it was an accident, but could’ve been a lot worse.

I’ll post more details later. The long and the short of it is this: driving on I-87 S @ 30mph with no visibility. Only myself and one other person on the road, to my right, going about 15mph. The idiot turned on his left blinker and then IMMEDIATELY pulled right in front of me, cut me off, and slowed down. I had to brake, started fishtailing wildly, spun around in a complete 360, managed to get enough control of the car to just have it fishtailing off the side of the road, and almost went into a ditch.

Luckily, the ass end of the driver’s side of my car hit a mile marker. This prevented me from going off the road and also stabilized the movement of the car. I was then able to get out, peruse the damage (slight body damage that didn’t even chip paint let alone warrant getting fixed), and move on.

Other than that, I had an awesome weekend. Again, more on that later.

Oh, and the lady was a dream last night. When I got to our pre-determined destination (at a show which I largely missed), she saw I was a little shaken up and quickly calmed me down and got my mind off things.

I think I’ll keep ‘er.

More later…

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  1. January 11, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    people so completely can’t drive that it makes me want to beat them about the head.

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