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You Can Break My Ass, But You Cannot Break My Spirit

As some of you who follow me on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/KevinMarshall) or Facebook are most likely aware I started off my morning at 6:45am by throwing on gym clothes, walking down my steps to start my car, and falling on my ass with my arm bent backwards when I hit the bottom step.

Nobody told me about the ice. I blame all of you.

The arm, shockingly, is fine – there wasn’t even anything resembling discomfort when I landed or afterwards. My right asscheek is a bit sore still, and will probably bruise up. Thankfully it didn’t and hasn’t been impeding my mobility, so I was still able to go to the gym to do my cardio.

…except I literally walked into to the gym and realized that, in my frustrated rush to scrape the ice off my car and throw rock salt down in front of the house following the ass-breaking incident, I had forgotten to bring sneakers. I suppose I still could have swung it, but I was in the shoes I wear to work.

I live incredibly close to my gym (which is on my work site), but by the time I would’ve gotten back and put in the time I had wanted to put in, I’d be sacrificing coming into the office early as I’d planned. So I packed the gym bag for an after-work session with weights, opting to do cardio tomorrow morning instead.


* Get back into a rhythm at the office.
* GYM: triceps/shoulders/abs (after work)
* Go to a coffee shop and write like a douchebag. Preferably not in gym attire for the sake of anyone having to sit near me.
* Prepare for audition tomorrow.

* GYM: AM Cardio.
* AUDITION: Tomorrow.

Yeah, I’m thinking I might audition for the Schenectady Civic Players’ production of A Trip to Bountiful…perhaps? The auditions are tomorrow and Thursday; I’m leaning towards going in tomorrow. I have to get a feel of what they want to see; I know they don’t expect much more than reading from a pages they give to us on-site, if what I’m told is correct. In the description I saw they gave the option of trying for a Texas accent (the play takes place there), but were clear in that it wasn’t a requirement. Not sure if I’m feeling that brave.

One of these days I’d like to audition twice for a play on separate days, once as myself and once as “Nelson Davenport” wearing a fake curly-cue moustache.

The Oldies Station has been put on hiatus in my office for today and replaced by an impromptu “On the Go” playlist on my iPod containing the following (in this specific order):
– Fleet Foxes: self-titled
– Bon Iver: For Emma, For Ever Ago
– Ryan Adams & The Cardinals: Cardinology
– Neko Case: Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
– Esbjorn Svensson Trio: Luococyte
– Raphael Saadiq: The Way I See It

You’re welcome, visitors to my office. You’re welcome.

More later…

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