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Site Re-Design, Writing, Coffee, Sobriety, Bon Iver, I’m Irish, and More

The final steps have been taken to streamline KevinMarshallOnline.com, and I’ve now been able to modify my package with my provider so that it forwards directly to this blog – which is the home destination anyway for anything I do online – complete with a URL mask. That’s a lot of words to say that if you type in www.kevinmarshallonline.com, it’ll bring you to the blog and it loads SUPER QUICK now. Check it out for yourself.

Also check out the new layout/design! I picked it up from an LJ community for layout designers called thefulcrum, and modified it using some basic CSS and Photoshop. And yes, that IS Troy (what?!). Now, you can’t see much of downtown at all from the two-family in which I live, but that’s basically what you see when you get the clearest view of downtown from my neighborhood, which is often referred to as the Hillside.

I’m honestly not sure whether I should be impressed or embarrassed that I put that much thought into it.

That means it was a good day, and that’s not the first time I’ve used a reference to the Ice Cube song “Good Day” when talking about one that I had myself. Hey, I might be a broken record, but I’m a broken record that happens to be one of your favorite albums. Although actually that’d be worse, because it’s your favorite album and now it skips and you can’t listen to it properly. Well, listen, Ice Cube once had a good day, so good in fact that he saw the Goodyear Blimp and the words read “Ice Cube’s a pimp.” And if I want to co-opt that imagery for my own use in conveying what a good day I had and the good spirits it put me in, then damnit, I’m going to. You, dear reader, are not the boss of Kevin Marshall or Ice Cube.

That last sentence should be something akin to a legal disclaimer somewhere on this blog.

So anyway, yeah. Although my sleep schedule went all out of whack and I had to actually take a three-hour afternoon nap for the first time in at least four or five months, I had a really productive day creatively and otherwise. I went to Professor Java’s and had a delicious (and huge) marinated chicken salad for dinner, while I also wrote a short story that (again) I won’t share with anybody but that I was very pleased with myself for writing.

I’m also about 140 pages through Bret Hart’s autobiography Hitman, and while I appreciate the thoroughness and all, five hundred pages with fairly small type is ridiculous. Yes, Bret had a really long history in the industry along with the most infamously large and dysfunctional family in the history of professional sports, but five hundred pages? Man.

Anyway, after finishing up the story, I went to a speaker’s meeting (AA thang) and was glad to hear a kid speak, around my age, whose story and experiences contained a lot of parallels to mine. Right down to the injuries sustained both to himself physically and in terms of his relationships with people as a result of his drinking. As a rule, I don’t often find somebody in the program whose story and experiences (both past and present) I can’t identify with on at least some level. Hell, there’s been elderly men that didn’t get sober until their late 50s with whom I felt more kin to than people closer to my own age. But being a 26-year-old with two and a half years of sobriety, it’s very rare that I come across somebody – let alone hear them speak – who pretty much just tells my story with the exception of some minute details.

Afterwards I went to Price Chopper to pick up some stuff for the house and I came across a “Balsam Fir” scented candle. I bought it and it’s burning in my room right now next to the huge bottle Avon Moisture Therapy that a woman that works in my building whom I consider to be like family purchased for me for Christmas after she observed my hands one morning and saw how dry the weather had made them.

I KNOW. Moisturizing and scented candles. Totally gay.

Back to some heterosexually charged stuff: I read the results of the Wild Card play-offs today. It didn’t occur to me how horrible I was in terms of keeping up with the NFL this season until I saw Miami had lost their game and yelled out “WHOA WHOA WHOA the Miami Dolphins made the goddamn playoffs?!” MIAMI! Now, I’d read about and celebrated their defeat of the Jets since I make it no secret that I’ve always hated Brett Favre with a passion. But seriously? They made the play-offs? Who allowed this to happen?

For those who care about that sort of thing, the BBC unveiled the actor who will portray the new incarnation of “The Doctor” on the “Doctor Who” series, since David Tennant has officially left the show. His name escapes me now, and I’m too lazy to link to anything, but I saw a video interview the guy did with the BBC on Saturday. I like him quite a bit just based on what I saw.

I think it’s because he’s a 26-year-old Tom Baker.

I don’t mean I think that he could be the next Tom Baker, I mean he is very clearly Tom Baker and after he left the auditioning room the directors and producers all looked at each other and said “oh my God he is a fucking clone or at the very least a complex cyborg recreation of Tom Baker.” The guy’s mannerisms, his speech, the self-deprecating humor and his tendency towards self-parody all scream Baker. I’m surprised nobody else has commented on it, particularly since it’s obvious that it’s intentional on the part of the BBC. I’m not complaining, though, because Tom Baker was awesome. And I want a scarf like the one he had.

C’mon, isn’t that fucking glorious? Couldn’t you see me rocking that? Well, too bad. If I can find it, I’m going to wear it.

I also want to point out how hilarious it was to see folks Stateside blogging about their anticipation of the announcement as if they were going to have any freaking idea who the dude was. Oh, nerds…


Seriously. It’s an incredible album. VIDEO: Bon Iver performing “Skinny Love” on “The Late Show with David Letterman” last month.

“Skinny Love” isn’t just one of my favorite tracks on this album, it’s also hands down one of the best songs I’ve heard in literally years. I nearly cried the first time I heard it. This guy is everything that dudes like Jack Johnson, Coner Oberst, John Mayer, and countless others over the years have been trying to be…nay, I’d say it’s to the point where I can say they’re pretenders in the face of the ambience and brutal honesty Bon Iver exudes with its music. That’s not meant to be a slight on any of those guys or their fans…okay, maybe a little, because I never got the musical crushes some very dear friends developed with Oberst. But rather, it’s just to accentuate how fantastic and unique Justin Vernon, the lead singer and songwriter for the group who essentially is the entirety of the group, truly is.

I want to hear him do more work with the “Bon Iver” act before I fully commit to what is right now a sneaking suspicion I have: that we now have one those “voices” in music that we always hear older people talk about that only comes along once every generation or two.

Yes, MAEVE TALK~! (mourningdove)

Just a few moments ago, Maeve dropped the bombshell that I’ve somehow managed to become more ethnic.


Maeve: So. I was on Facebook today.
Me: Okay.
Maeve: And saw your new picture.
Maeve: And Dad was over my shoulder. So I said, “Look! It’s Kevin!”
Maeve: And he went: “Wow, he looks great! He really looks Irish now!”
Me: hahaha
Maeve:Good job, Marshall.
Maeve:Good job.


James Cromwell as Farmer Hoggett: “That’ll do, mick. That’ll do.”

Annnnnd scene.

  1. January 5, 2009 at 5:02 am


    You need to have that section in the blog EVERY WEEK! The fans demand it.

    “James Cromwell as Farmer Hoggett: “That’ll do, mick. That’ll do.””

    And then he gets alzheimer-y and berates you until you cry.

    • January 5, 2009 at 5:29 am

      HAHAHAHA. That would’ve been a better ending to “Babe.”

      And you’re right. You need to IM me more nuggets like that so that I can make it a weekly occurence.

  2. January 5, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    I liked the last couple Doctors, but what’s with getting these young guys all the time? I don’t know anything about the new one other than he’s a young pretty-boy, but if you say he’s like Tom Baker, I have no choice but to believe you. I was initially a little put off by the fact that they went younger yet again, but in the grand scheme of things, I guess we’re due for some more under-40 Doctors. Eccleston and McGann are older than I thought. I just think it would be nice to see another old fart like Pertwee before it’s all finished.

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