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A Day of Failure Written in the Style of the Shittiest of Shit Def Poetry Jams

I was gonna try to get more accomplished at work today
I solved several potential crises with quick phone calls, improvisation, and by poking around stuff until I found the proper settings.

I was gonna drive to Professor Java’s and spend the whole of my evening there reading
I turned off Route 7 at the last minute, turned around, and went to a place up on Hoosick that closed at 8pm instead.

I was gonna go to Price Chopper to do my grocery shopping for the week
instead I just picked up some skim milk and gum at Walgreens.

I was gonna buy my usual (Orbitz)
instead I decided to try Dentyne and it’s so shitty and not worth the 40 cents I saved.

I was gonna register with “LoudTwitter” which exports a daily list of tweets from my Twitter account to this blog
I decided it wasn’t what I wanted on this thing.

I was gonna spend at least some time meditating and reflecting on things tonight
instead I distracted myself with nonsense.

I was gonna return those two missed calls I had when I left my phone on the desk
while listening to my iPod
it got late and, as much as I love them both dearly, I wasn’t in a very talkative mood.

I was gonna try to get the code from my friend Justin to redesign this thing
I didn’t want to stay on AIM.

I was gonna admit to somebody that in a very real way I miss them terribly
because what good would it do her to know that and do I really?

I was gonna tell myself I’d gotten better
in reality I’d just managed to preoccupy myself with useless bullshit.

I was gonna ask if there’s a difference
…because I don’t think there is.

Really, I don’t.

Holy crap, I might have just gotten a little better.

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  1. December 30, 2008 at 5:26 am

    You love me dearly? Really?


    I was just going to tell you that Final Battle came and went and I didn’t notice until it was over. Did I outgrow wrestling this year?

    • December 30, 2008 at 5:49 am

      it was a HER.

      so clearly he means me, LOL

      shhh Kev, Brian must never know about our secret affair…

      oh, crap!

  2. December 30, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    I was gonna do a lot of things
    But NO
    I’m a lazy piece of crap

    Haha. I feel ya on this whole thing.

  3. December 30, 2008 at 11:58 pm

    I can send you that code whenever it’s convenient for you…

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