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A Quick anti-Crossgates Rant & Two More Videos

Screw you, Crossgates Mall.

I got my oldest two nieces AmEx gift cards for the mall. One’s 13 and the other’s 11. Their age, and gender, makes them a complete mystery to me. I mean, I could buy the oldest one Uggs, and she could be like “oh those are SOOOOO last week, everybody’s wearing big floppy clown shoes now.” So I figure I just buy them gift cards, with the offer to take them to the Mall to spend it whenever they want, and I’ll let them go a little over the allotment in the gift card and cover the difference for them in-store.

Anyway, the envelope Crossgates gave me? I’m just noticing now, but there’s a big sticker that says “CROSSGATES MALL” on it. Sort of gives away that it’s a gift card to the Mall. I mean, it’s not that big a deal, since they’re just Gift Cards, but c’mon. You can’t even take the sticker off! And their logo’s a pink shopping bag. GAY!

Oh, and some more Christmas videos before I head out for the evening:

***The always fabulous Rufus Wainwright – “Spotlight on Christmas,” easily the best Christmas song of the last decade plus.

***Run DMC, suckas.

Oh shit, I’m supposed to be picking people up now. Bye!

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  1. December 25, 2008 at 6:45 am

    Your nieces are that old now? Holy crap…

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