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Oh, the delays…

Guys, I really really really really really really wanted to post another installment of “Five Stars” tonight. Really, I did, and I even worked on it and almost finished up the next part. Thing is, I’m still exhausted from a weekend that involved doing a full run of the play whilst travelling between the Masonic Hall (where the play was) and Troy to do some work at my office, check to make sure the cat was still alive and to see if we had power back, finding places to stay at night and still managing to make the time to go to the gym. Additionally, with all the errands I had to run…

…blah. I’m just tired and cranky and feeling wholly unimaginative. Oh, and work’s been crazy and busy this week as well. It’s one of those weeks where it’s only Tuesday and it either feels like it’s Thursday or I’m just wishing so hard for it to be Thursday already that it’s affecting my sense of time.

Real quick: as much as people are peeing and moaning over the fact that we’re getting another storm tonight and tomorrow (I think the forecast calls for something like 4-6 inches), just think of how much worse it would be if we hadn’t received that freakish springtime weather on Monday that melted all the ice that weighed down and destroyed the landscape of our fair city. Oh right, for those of you not in the area? On Monday we had freakish springtime weather that melted all the ice that weighed down and destroyed the landscape of our fair city.

Let’s get off the topic of things that affect everyone, for example the weather, and put the focus back where it belongs: on ME.

I think the “post show blues” (I put it in quotes assuming it’s a real phrase) is contributing as well, particularly since I got into a good rhythm in terms of my schedule. Now it’s almost as if I don’t know what to do with myself. I mean, I do, but I’d rather be onstage right at this moment.

I will rectify this soon.

Also, next installment of “Five Stars” by the end of the week.

And by the end of next week, albums I loved in 2008. And you will share the albums YOU loved in 2008 as well or else INCUR MY WRATH~!

More later…

P.S. We should be following each other on Twitter, fer real.

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  1. December 17, 2008 at 2:02 am

    Having no power was really not all that cool. My birds are super stress still from all the moving about.

    • December 17, 2008 at 2:42 am

      That’s one positive to having a cat: she didn’t give a shit so long as I made sure she had food, water, and spent a few minutes petting her when I got home.

      Surprising, considering she’s such a needy bitch at times.

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