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Reflecting on an Ice Storm, Power Outages, and Wrapping Up “House of Yes”


Thanksgiving came at the end of the last calendar month, but it took several more weeks for a series of events to make me realize what I’m thankful for.

For those not in the know, we experienced one Hell of an ice storm in Upstate New York on Thursday and Friday. The results left untold thousands without power and, subsequently, heat. Troy was especially hit hard, with both my sisters also being affected, although my sister Megan was the first of us to regain it – which resulted in us putting her boiler into overtime on Saturday and Sunday when we all flocked there to take showers.

To give you an idea of how severe it was, there’s still as of this writing over 80,000 people in this area without power.

The good news is that I have my heat and electricity back, which means I’m back in my own bed! I lived out of my car and couch-surfed for a mere three days, and yet even that short amount of time was enough to have me completely on edge by this afternoon. I know people who have personally done this as a means of living on a semi-permanent to permanent basis, and I can’t even fathom how I’d be able to do handle that psychologically.

So as bad as it was, it could’ve been worse. The trees in our back yard more or less cracked in half, but thankfully there was no damage done that I could spot, structurally or cosmetically. Our pipes stayed intact, meaning that we still have hot water.

* Those of you who came to see “House of Yes” this weekend despite the weather.
* My sister Megan, who provided a shower Saturday and Sunday and was going to house me tonight if the power hadn’t come back on.
* Ed, who gave me a place to stay on Friday.
* Vivian (who played “Lesly” in “House of Yes”), who gave me a place to stay on Saturday.
* T.I. for recording “Whatever You Like,” which was THE song of this weekend for myself and castmate Jenn Dott.
* The Knux for recording the album “Remind Me in 3 Days…”, and specifically the incredible groove and sass in track six, “Daddy’s Little Girl.”
* My iPod for keeping me occupied.
* Being able to retrieve my claddagh ring from the shower drain, which I lost on Friday late afternoon after trying to shower at my house in the dark.
* My castmates, Director, Stage Manager, and Props Person for:
– Being incredible to work with.
– Making me look like I actually knew what I was doing at times.
– Putting up with my general crankiness all weekend.
– Being incredible and providing me with a love and warmth that I certainly didn’t expect coming in to this production.
– Doing an incredible job with a play that everybody I talked to enjoyed and then some.
NOTE – there’ll most likely be a separate entry reflecting on the experience and gushing about these people some more. You’ve been warned.
* Tuna fish for being edible straight out of the can…and a great source of protein to boot (sorry katejaneway).

In all seriousness – something as simple as being able to sit in my room and have a few minutes to reflect on the weekend has made me appreciate not only the things that I have, but the things I’ve gained in the last few months, particularly what I gained from the experience of being onstage for the first time in four years (and only the third time in my life). So a heartfelt thank you to any of you that had any sort of association with me this weekend. This includes folks involved in the play, those that went, those that kept tabs on me after hearing about the weather we had, those that offered shelter, and particularly those that put up with my cranky mood today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

More later…

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  1. December 15, 2008 at 5:04 am

    Hey, I’m really sorry I never left a message wishing you luck before the show, I was busy around the time of the first shows and then I just forgot. I did mean to though so I feel kinda bad. I’m glad it went well!

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