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LJ Layout Change & Thoughts on UFC’s “Fight for the Troops”

I like it enough to where I think I’m comfortable enough to just have the KevinMarshallOnline.com domain point directly to it – it’s clean and the navigation panel on the left-hand side is good for pointing to all the places I wanted KevinMarshallOnline.com to point (the podcasts, contributors page, and links to people/sites I like).

The only thing that’s annoying is that even with a Paid account, Livejournal seems to set a specific limit on what you can do with the style. Like, I can go in and change the font sizes and re-arrange some stuff, but that requires me to learn the language for their "S2" system – and that’s going to take awhile, if only because I don’t have that kind of time readily available to me. It’s really really fucking annoying, and if I didn’t have so many friends on here already and a long history of posting, I would just say "fuck it" and move shop on over to Blogger or something.

Ideally I’d like to change around some of the font stuff and insert the following images somewhere on there:


PODCAST IMAGES (logos for linking to main podcast pages):


I really really really wish they’d just have a simple customization area where you can do whatever the Hell you want in terms of design. Fuck you, LiveJournal. Russian bastards.


UFC’s "Fight for the Troops" last night was far more entertaining than I anticipated. Josh Koscheck got hands, kid, and I think I’m ready to finally turn the corner on him. I know, I know, my hatred for him wasn’t really justified in the first place. So sue me. But yeah, that was one of the most best knockouts I’ve ever seen, and I can’t believe this is the same guy who once laid and prayed on top of Diego Sanchez for three rounds.

Speaking of hellacious stoppages – holy crap, I’ll never get the image of Steve Cantwell breaking Razak Al-Hassan’s arm out of my head. See, kids, that’s what happens when you’re fucking stupid and don’t tap. Ref Steve Mazzagatti also could have stepped in and stoped it about ten seconds earlier than he did, but things like that are always a judgment call and in that position I could see why he MIGHT have given Al-Hassan a chance to break free. But yeah, Cantwell looked good in his UFC debut, and given time could be a legit contender at 205. I’m not sure where the suggestion that Al-Hassan was good came from, though. Cantwell was thrown off for all of the first thirty seconds, because he didn’t know what Al-Hassan was doing. This is directly attributable to the fact that Al-Hassan didn’t know what he was doing – he struck with his chin up and was throwing fucking Tae Kwon Do kicks (kicking with your foot instead of your shin – wholly ineffective and why you don’t see TKD guys in MMA). I want to know who the fucking clowns were this guy beat that brought him to 7-0 in the first place.

OTHER NOTES: Jim Miller looked incredible in his mauling of Matt Wiman on such short notice (he got the call on Thanksgiving). I always urge people to be fair to those who lose to guys coming in last minute – as much as it’s always impressive when a guy wins on short notice, the loser also has to scrap all the preparation he’d done for the fight he was planning on and adjust accordingly. That’s not giving Wiman an outright excuse or trying to take anything away from Miller, just the facts of the situation. It was also nice to see Mike "Quick" Swick actually show that there’s a reason for that nickname other than it simply rhyming with his last name, as his lightning-fast KO of Jonathan Goulet would’ve given him "Knockout of the Night" honors if it weren’t for Koscheck’s.

Good event, troops made for a good crowd at times but were WAY too quick to boo as soon as stuff hit the ground. That’s what happens, though, when you’re a young sport putting on a free show that draws something other than the hardcore fanbase. And of course, it was for a good cause, which I might as well link to.

Fight for the Troops – make a donation to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, to benefit those suffering from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

More later…

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  1. December 11, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    I looked up the video of that arm-break. Not as nasty as I expected, but still… ouch.

    • December 12, 2008 at 7:30 am

      oh, and you can’t get the broken ARM out of your head? What about this? http://mmanytt.se/?p=1023

      • December 12, 2008 at 3:59 pm

        UGH UGH UGH

        I didn’t even see that until you linked to it. I’d read about it briefly, but they didn’t show any of it on the telecast or mention it.


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