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WEDNESDAY TO-DO LIST: Comics This Week, UFC’s “Fight for the Troops”, more



* PICK-UPS @ AQUILONIA (Fulton St., Troy NY – your source in the Capital District for all things comics and CCG):
I haven’t had this many DC books in one week since…well, it’s been a long damn time. That doesn’t speak so much for the editorial direction (non-existent) of the company as a whole, just that the vast majority that I read is all coming out in the same week. Action Comics continues to "New Krypton" storyline, which thus far has been great. Geoff Johns is the best thing to happen to Superman since death. Part of me is tempted to not even bother with the new issue of Final Crisis, and if this issue doesn’t impress I’m probably going to drop it entirely. Yeah, I know, only two issues to go…it’s been that frustratingly bad from a writing standpoint. Grant Morrisson doesn’t just not know how to structure a story; he has an uncanny ability to make you go "wait, this doesn’t make any sense" when you’re reading A COMIC BOOK. That takes a special…something. Also, I can’t recommend Captain Britain & M.I. 13 enough – writing duties are handled by Paul Cornell, a series writer for the current incarnation of "Doctor Who" who’s great at weaving mystic and fantasy aspects into the super-hero genre.


Main Event: Josh Koscheck Vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida
Other Televised bouts:
Mike Swick Vs. Jonathan Goulet
Steve Cantwell Vs. Razak Al-Hassan
Tim Credeur Vs. Nate Loughran
Matt Wiman Vs. Jim Miller
May Not be Televised:
Luigi Fioravanti Vs. Brodie Farber
Steve Bruno Vs. Johnny Rees
Ben Saunders Vs. Brandon Wolff
Corey Hill Vs. Dale Hartt
Eddie Sanchez Vs. Justin McCully

Only way that main gets exciting is if "Zenko" (Yoshida) just goes absolutely nuts and knocks out Koshceck quick – which he’s done before, but I don’t find very likely. Yoshida will have to press the action hard, often, and early. A guy like Koscheck, who as much as I hate him is in the upper echelon in terms of his grappling skills in the Octagon, requires excellent cardio to fight due to his ability to smother his opponents. Koscheck is a decent enough striker when he wants to be and also has a reach advantage. In other words, "smart" money might go on Koscheck, but I’m rooting for Yoshido. Because I hate Kos that much.

OTHER NOTES: Swick/Goulet could be a good fight. "Razor" Razak Al-Hassan is a hot prospect coming into the UFC with an undefeated 6-0 record, but he’s also largely untested. Matt Wiman and Tim Credeur are each coming off impressive victories (particularly Wiman’s upset of Thiago Tavares) that propelled them in their respective divisions, but these fights don’t do much for them. I’m not the biggest Luigi Fiorvanti fan, but the card for this isn’t nearly crowded enough to justify the decision to relegate him to the non-televised leg of the event. A bunch of Tough Enough losers from past seasons round out the rest of the card, it seems.

It’ll be good to just, you know, take the time out to relax and watch people pound the ever-loving crap out of each other for a few hours. Especially since tomorrow it’s back to the grind with the play. Which reminds me…

Thursday, December 11th @ 8pm
Friday, December 12th @ 8pm
Saturday, December 13th @ 8pm
Sunday, December 14th @ 2pm
LOCATION: Albany Masonic Hall (67 Corning Place, Albany NY)
http://www.confettistage.com for more details!

REMINDER – only four more performances! ConfettiStage.com for more info.

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  1. December 10, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    Comic Book Question: Did you read any of the Batman: R.I.P. series?

    • December 11, 2008 at 12:10 am

      It lost me in the beginning.

      I’ll be honest – I never saw why people went absolutely goo-goo ga-ga over Grant Morrisson. I thought his run on X-Men was okay, but just okay. And to be honest, he came onto the franchise at a time when anything would’ve been an improvement.

      Morrisson’s problem is that he doesn’t grasp the concept of showing and not telling, which is essential to the process of telling a story in the medium; you’ll hear some of his fans give him the excuse that he’s “trying something different” and justify that as their reason for continuing to read his stuff, but really that’s just them trying to play off his primary weakness as a writer as his strength.

      Let me give you an example from “Final Crisis,” only because I’ve read much more of it than “RIP” – the crisis itself is caused by a war between good and evil in Heaven. Evil won, Darkseid “fell,” the New Gods were reincarnated on Earth, and Darkseid was brought back to life through a human shell. See, that could work, except all of that? One and a half to two pages, tops, out of five issues. The rest is all ancillatory stuff that jumps around all over the place with no regard for forward progression or cohesion. Even the sub-plots suffer from this problem of Morrisson just telling us what happened without showing, expanding, or actually engaging in storytelling; the primary example is the Daily Planet exploding and Lois Lane going into a coma, all of which is literally just told to us in a handful of panels rather than shown in the book.

      From what I understand, “RIP” has had some of the same problems, although not quite to the degree and extreme of “Final Crisis.” I read several synopses of the story out of pure interest for what he was doing, and I have to say that I would’ve been fairly bummed if I had paid money for it with all the anticipation it had built into it. I’m talking the story as a whole, too, and not just the climax.

      I’m sure Grant Morrisson’s a good guy. He’s a good writer in the technical sense and he has great ideas. His problem is in connecting those two talents, filtering his own ideas, and presenting them in a manner that doesn’t read like a character pitch from a crazy person.

      • December 11, 2008 at 12:35 am

        Heh, funny you should mention that, I had read all of the comics in store and bought the finale, just to say I bought it. And Morrison left alot of things vague and ambiguous. It left a lot of supposition and guesswork to be done by the reader, more so than most should

        I am looking forward to a two part recap of Batman’s career writeen by Neil Gaian

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