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On Being Elderly, Cranky, Slim, and Appreciative of Family Thai (SHA NA NA NAAAAA)

A flippant comment to aspiring LiveJournal playwright leopard182 proved to be prophetic.

See, I was telling her at around midnight that I had better get to bed, so that I can do cardio in the AM, otherwise I’d be “Cranky Sourpuss, Mayor of Grouch Falls NY” for the entire day. As it turns out, I ended up getting out a little later than I anticipated. While I did get all of the workout that I intended, just the fact that I was rushing to get ready for work afterwards and had slept in later than I anticipated made me cranky.

It’s one of those things that comes with being an old man, I guess. Which relates to another conversation I had with my friend Cait over lunch, that in the past couple months I’ve totally established a bedtime of 11:00pm or 11:30pm for myself, and once I get past that I get in a super panic and feel it the next day. Next I’ll be recommending Metamucil as a dietary supplement.

Speaking of dietary supplements, which take the place of vitamins/minerals that you’d normally find in food, which leads to food itself – I did my laundry at my oldest sister’s last night, and we made – well really it was just her with only the most passing of assists from yours truly since I’m retarded in the kitchen – Thai pork lettuce wraps. Now, I don’t eat pork usually, but I made an exception. And boy, was I glad I was. It knocked the shit out of the stuff at PF Chang’s.

Speaking of sisters (direct correlation this time), another sister may have received some very good news. It’s not definite yet, though, so I’m going to keep mum until it’s official. Then she’s going to be congratulated on the internet.

Oh, and I totally went to the grocery store last night and realized this morning that I forgot some stuff, damnit.

I did my budget shortly before lunch for the next three weeks. After getting dressed this morning, I decided that as tight as it’s going to be, I absolutely have to do some clothes shopping for work clothes. It’s not just a matter of my clothes no longer fitting properly because of all the toning and slimming I’ve done…really, most of my work wardrobe hasn’t fit me properly in well over a year. It’s time to show off the goods KNOWWHADI’MSAYIN’

More later…
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P.P.S. I’m hoping to change around KevinMarshallOnline.com sometime soon to just make it a personal hub pointing to the pages for the podcasts and blog and social networking sites and whatnot – it’ll be simple, straightforward, and not try to be anything other than a simple online presence by way of personal hub for yours truly. We’ll see if I can actually get that accomplished between the gym (weights) and clothes shopping.

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