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24 Hour Stomach Flu, UFC: Lesnar vs. Couture, House of Yes!

So whatever the Hell that was on Thursday night had mostly passed by Friday night (I just had a slight headache left over but didn’t have the semblance/feeling of a fever and could eat and keep stuff down) and was completely gone by Saturday morning. Very weird, though. Somebody had mentioned maybe it being an electrolyte imbalance, but the symptoms don’t add up and my diet specifically covers any deficiencies that would create that. All this week there’d been talk of some overnight stomach flu thing going around, but whenever that pops up I usually chalk it up to people just using a phantom airborne illness as an excuse to call in here and there, which nine times of out ten turns out to be the case at the organization I work for. It could very well be that it’s real…all TOO real. I’m just glad I don’t have the flu. One to three weeks of being ill? Yeah, definitely can’t swing that right now.

Last night’s “UFC: Lesnar vs. Couture” event was actually fairly decent as a whole despite what looked to be a pretty poor card on paper. A few of my predictions went wrong…in particular the huge upset of the evening, where Dustin Hazelett – the man nicknamed “McLovin” who was TKO’d by Josh Koscheck of all people – tapped sentimental favorite “The Barn Cat” Tamdan McCrory to a SICK armbar. McCrory kept giving him that arm all fight long and it was only a matter of time before it got cranked.

Other notable undercard results? Well, Kenny Florian submitted Joe Stevenson in impressive fashion and proved he deserved a title shot…even though he actually already did that several months ago, however there’s still the question of whether BJ Penn thinks it’s worth his while financially or otherwise to ever defend his Lightweight Title again. Damian Maia, not surprisingly, looked crisp and awesome and is quickly becoming my new favorite Jiu-Jitsu-centric MMA fighter. Yes, Jiu-Jitsu-centric. You can take issue if you want, but I’m using it.

And of course, Lesnar beat Couture, goddamnit. I was pissed. I’m not sure why some people are all of a sudden on the jock of a guy who, after his win, actually blessed God. No, seriously – Lesnar thanked God for giving him the opportunity, then pointed upwards, thought for a moment (lest you think this was a slip of the tongue), and said “bless you.” Yes, as in “I, BROCK LESNAR, GIVE MY BLESSINGS TO A LESSER DEITY IN WHAT SOME WOULD FOOLISHLY CALL THE ALMIGHTY!” Whatta douchebag.

In fairness, he did alleviate some of my concerns with his performance. Clearly he’s worked on his stand-up. Part of that was evident in his fight with Herring, but what’s important is that he now has enough competence and confidence in his stand-up to know when to pounce and capitalize on a shot rather than let the shock of him landing a huge hit allow time for his opponent to recover. I also think his cardio’s still a bit of an issue. Some, including my brother, are under the impression that what he was doing between Rounds 1 and 2 was ‘intentional heavy breathing.’ To me he looked like shit going into Round 2, but hey, what do I know.

Alrighty, guess I’ll wrap this up here so I can get back to doing…well, nothing until I have rehearsal at 6:00pm. That’s going well, thank you, and FIRST TWO WEEKENDS OF DECEMBER! ConfettiStage.com for tickets, dates, and showtimes! Don’t MAKE me do the “big obnoxious font” plugs.

More later…

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  1. November 17, 2008 at 12:03 am

    So let me get this straight… Lesnar didn’t hear God sneeze?

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