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Anticipating History

I’m not going to simply tell you that I voted, or post a JPEG of my scanned “I Voted” sticker and/or receipt (neither of which I received at my polling place), or tell you to go out and vote, or tell you that whom I selected for President matters, or tell you that often we forget to pay attention to the state/county/municipal elections/ballot initiatives that are every bit as important to us as the Presidential election and actually have a more direct impact on our day to day lives, nor am I going to tell you why voting for Candidate B over Candidate A is a mistake.

I just want to convey that I’m currently at work, going to the gym, and doing laundry. I’m going to try to rush through these necessary tasks as quickly as possible. Because tonight is a rare occassion; an anticipated historical event that will change the landscape of this country for the next eight, ten, perhaps even twenty years. I’m going to get done what I need to get done as quickly as possible, so that I can sit on the edge of somebody’s couch and hold my breath for America to make the right call.

It’s going to be a Hell of a night. Buckle in, kids.

  1. November 5, 2008 at 4:58 am

    Heng Dai, fuckin Wu

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