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Run-Ins, Poser Pop Art, Tom Waits and Miles Davis


Downloaded The Following Albums & Uploaded Them to my iPod
* Miles Davis – Bitches Brew
* Bob Dylan – his entire catalogue with the exception of “Time Out of Mind.” Only because I couldn’t find a decent enough torrent for it.
* Tom Waits – The Black Rider, Closing Time, Foreign Affairs, The Heart of Saturday Night, Mule Variations, Nighthawks at the Diner, On Broadway, Real Gone, Small Change, and Swordfishtrombone.
Summary: Viewings of “I’m Not There” and Scorcese’s documentary “No Direction Home” have reinvigorated my interest, appreciation, and love for all things Bob Dylan. Except “Self-Portrait,” because seriously, that album is total shit. Those of you who aren’t as familiar may think “well, it’s probably just not good for a Bob Dylan album.” No. It’s really fucking bad. “Time Out of Mind” I didn’t get only because I couldn’t find a decent torrent containing it. THAT’S RIGHT. Illegal fucking downloading. Come and get me, because I don’t care at this point and would love to have a dime novel Wild West showdown with police over my theft of “The Basement Tapes.” The Waits stuff I have on CD somewhere, but a lot of it I lost in the last few years due to moves and dead computers. So I’m happy.

Shit I Purchased to Adorn My Bare Wall
* POSTER – Raphael’s The School of Athens
* POSTER – Van Gogh’s Skull With Cigarette
* POSTER – Dali’s Hallucinogenic Toreador
* POSTER – Steadman’s Lizard Lounge
* Two of those framed reproductions of a hacky pop-culture paintings by Haiyan: Marlon Brando in “The Wild Ones” and a headshot of Bob Dylan.
Summary: It’s all poser bullshit, but I like it and it’s up on my walls. Deal with it.

When I Sing Karaoke Songs It Looks Like I’m Cutting a Professional Wrestling Promo

Jess Collier Tells People I’m a Skank on Facebook

Seriously. I wish I knew why! 😦

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd scene.

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