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Kevin Marshall Quits Smoking: Day Too Lazy to Count & other stuff

That’s right! Not only do you get a blog about the UFC, you ALSO get a blog about my personal life. You lucky, lucky mother fuckers.

I’m on Day 17 or 18, depending on whether you want to count this as Saturday or Sunday. On Wednesday I moved down to the next step of the patch, where the amount of nicotine decreases from 21mg to 14mg. Surprisingly, I only flew into one or two Hulk-like rages, and only one instance of swinging a tank around by its cannon and launching it fifty yards. So yay!

I absolutely don’t have anything else to add, other than I actually switched brands to NicoDerm CQ, which is a small rectangular translucent adhesive rather than a big old round band-aid. I’m not quite sure why they make it, to be honest. One would think it was an aesthetic choice, except after a few hours you still get that same gunky build-up one gets on the outer edges of a band-aid after it’s been on for a few hours. And it’s more pronounced since it’s translucent.

On a shitty note, after dropping the standard $50 on a 14-day supply of the stuff, I went to Walmart to pick up something unrelated and found an “Equate” brand that retailed for twenty-something dollars. I’m torn as to whether I should still be kicking myself or employing the cliche adage of getting what you pay for. If anybody knows anything about it, please tell me. As much as I’d like to save thirty dollars, I’d prefer to continue not smoking.

…hmm. I promised other stuff in the subject line, and now I’m stuck having to think of stuff.

OH! I got one thing: David Mamet’s “Redbelt.” I watched it last night, and it’s pretty goddamn good! As an MMA superdork, I was a bit bothered that the first MMA fight they showed contained not one but TWO powerbombs and three slams within the span of 15 seconds, even though you rarely see one slam during an entire event and an actual powerbomb is incredibly rare. Now, that’s to be expected, since Hollywood has to speed up and accentuate any sort of sport (the boxing scenes in Rocky are pretty ridiculous). What did bother me was the portrayal of MMA as a whole in the film, with the main characters giving it a very negative connotation and enforced tons of common misconceptions in the sport. But hey, Dana White and Randy Couture had no problem with it, so I suppose I shouldn’t either…? All that aside, the film was actually beautifully executed as far as martial arts films go. Definitely recommended.

I can’t sleep, because no comment.

More later….

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