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Wednesday Hodgepodge

Tomorrow will be two weeks without a cigarette. I was a few minutes late for work today, as I ended up forgetting to put on the patch before I left the house. Honestly I think I would’ve been fine, since I spent a good part of the day Sunday without it. But no way was I going to risk it.

My next “Kevin Marshall Quits Smoking” Update will come Thursday evening, after I switch down to the 14mg patch. Hold your collective breath, dear readers.

I’ve got the TV on, and it’s good to see that after all these years, Jay Leno is still comfortable phoning it in and employing the shittiest comedy writers in late night history. Speaking of Leno, I had it on again last night as background noise while Coner Oberst performed. I think he’s a decent songwriter, but boy does everything about him get on my last nerve.

* The always incredible Erin L, who successfully talked me out of posting a singles ad on Craigslist. I seriously don’t know what I was thinking. In her words “it’s a great idea…if you want THE HERP.”
* Brian P. Dermody (bpdermody), who not only broke the awesome news of Couture returning to the UFC to face Lesnar in November while I was working late at work, but ALSO saved me from a bout of insanity by identifying a music video that suddenly popped into my head. For those curious, it was MC 900 Ft. Jesus’s “If I Only Had a Brain” (BPD: “My favorite awful band name possibly ever.”)

Sarah Palin: a former beauty queen from Alaska that eats moose burgers. What woman doesn’t identify with that?

More later…

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