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Kevin Marshall Quits Smoking: Day 5

I made it through an 11-hour workday without a cigarette. I have no idea how I managed to do that with no minimal casualties.

I’ve had this fear the last couple days – and perhaps it’s an unreasonable one – that I’ll just end up falling off the non-smoking wagon by lighting one up without even thinking about it. Because really, you get to that point as a smoker, where it doesn’t become so much a need or craving as it does an extension of your body. I don’t know how it is for other people, but I personally felt like I had a finger missing from my hand the first couple days. Even when I’m on break and hiding out near the loading dock with the smokers that work in the building, I almost get the sense that I have a cigarette in my hand – even though it’s now a coffee cup. Very, very strange.

And while at work, I finally returned the two missed calls I received from the New York State Smokers’ Quitline. Both times they called, I was in the midst of something at work that couldn’t possibly be disturbed by their questions. They’re good like that, though. They don’t exactly pester you, just call to ensure receipt of the package and ask some general questions, mostly pertaining to whether or not you found the additional materials useful. To be honest, I didn’t, but it’s not like they hurt either.

When he asked if I would recommend the service to other people, I totally replied by saying “yeah, it’s on the blog I have on my website.” If you think that’s nerdy, before we ended the call, I asked him (since I got the distinct feeling that he was relatively new since he kept remembering other stuff to ask out of nowhere) if he needed any further information for demographic purposes. God I am SUCH A NERD sometimes.

More later….

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