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Kevin Marshall Quits Smoking: Day 3

I really don’t have much to update on, other than it’s still going just fine and dandy.

A pamphlet came with the free patches I received from New York State. They tried to be cute with it by designing it after a pack of cigarettes, complete with cigs sticking out of the top of it to bookmark certain pages. I know what they were trying to do, but doesn’t that sort of visual stimuli defeat the purpose of getting a person to quit? I just found it odd, is all. Regardless, there’s some interesting stuff in there, like the testimonials. Example: “I got tired of having to go outside every time I wanted to smoke.” Yes. He quit because he was LAZY. It’s also worth noting that the people they show as giving these testimonials look suspiciously like the type of people you find in frames you buy at WalMart.

As far as side effects, I’m not noticing too many. The dreams I had last night were not quite as vivid, as far as I could tell. My sleeping pattern is still a bit off, but I’m also hard-pressed to note a time when it was really “on” so to speak. And let me tell you, dear reader, I think there’s a side effect they’re not being forthwith about and should – I’m horny as all get-out on this patch. I know a good number of you that read this do NOT want to know this, and may suggest I put up a “TMI” filter. Well, too bad. THE PATCH IS MAKING ME HORNY. Lock up your daughters, Capital District.

I went to a party earlier this evening, which is a gathering that normally not only comes with a cigarette but would increase how many I take in. Surprisingly, I didn’t have an urge to light up, which was good. In fairness, I didn’t end up hanging out there long, but still. It was a good party, though I didn’t know too many people there. The only downside is that people started playing flip cup. Which isn’t a bad thing, except you always get the one or two loser guys who go all Date Rapist on people who don’t want to play by asking them OVER AND OVER again if they want in on the game.

I also took part in the shortest Fantasy Football draft I’ve ever been involved in. Yes, Fantasy Football, because I’m such a cool kid.

Speaking of…things…done today (horrible segue), I did some clothes shopping this afternoon. I thought I’d spotted a UFC t-shirt in a JC Penny’s flyer the other weekend, but alas, I could not find any evidence of this being the case. However, they do sell “Iron Maiden” t-shirts. No fooling. You know, I probably wouldn’t have picked up the UFC t-shirt anyway, simply because it suffers from the same problem the Affliction t-shirts do – it looks like a shitty tattoo. You know those dudes who have all that ugly nonsensical “tribal” bullshit on their arms and shoulders? Well, a bunch of them got together and cornered the MMA clothing market. Really awful stuff.

Alright, I’m rambling. You’ll probably assume it’s from withdrawal symptoms or something like that, but seriously, it’s just been a long two weeks and whatnot with work. AND I have to be in tomorrow for seven more hours.

More later…

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