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In Like Flynn


The phrase “in like Flynn” came into usage shortly after Erroll Flynn was acquitted on charges of statutory rape.

EDIT: This came about from a conversation with lolavavoom, where she was the one to use the phrase, which is surprising given that usually I’m the one that uses dated slang and phrases in day to day conversation. Anyway, she beat me to it and actually cited a source, which I didn’t do because I was lazy.

That’s right. I was too lazy to cite it, but I wasn’t too lazy to go back and edit this thing, acknowledge the origin of this post, and give LeVanna credit for being a far better person than I and actually providing further information. I’m going to blame it on a long, long weekend.

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  1. July 14, 2008 at 5:25 am

    I use dated phrases all the time – but it’s not because I’m cutting edge trendy intelligent like you. I’m genuinely an old fart. I get excited about gardening and voting. I listen to the radio on weekends. I shop at the farmers market, and think that kids in the “music videos” look FAR too young. Physically, I’m 25, mentally I’m 8 – demographically I’m 93.

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