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I’m a Trolley Ridin’, Bumpin’ and Grindin’, Wheelin’ Dealin’, Kiss Stealin’ Marksman

Ever have those nights where you really want to blog about the events of the last several days, but you can’t summon the willpower to actually write it out? So instead, you opt to just provided a list of important events?

No? Well I do.

– Got stuck at work until well after 6pm so we could be prepared for year-end reporting on Sunday.
– Troy Night Out. Full details can be found on the blog of Samantha.
– As mentioned in a reply to the blog posting linked above, I got a G.I. Joe, Rage Against the Machine, Punisher, and wicked fucking awesome Elvis t-shirt. That’s right. The mother effin’ KING!

The King. Pictured wearing an Elvis t-shirt.

– Ran a ton of errands, went into the office to do some stuff, meeting.
– The picture above was taken later that evening.
– Met up with the Flavor of Love 4 girls (Moe aka Mo’ Money, Sam aka Breakadawn, and Jenn aka Moondog with her boy Pete) and we went to the Side Door Cafe for some karaoke. It was AWFUL. Dude was in front of a laptop and had no idea what he was doing.
– We left and went to Maxie’s.
– Sang “Bump and Grind” by R. Kelly, with so much force and soul that it actually got cheers and a standing ovation.
– A dude said a girl he was with wanted to do a shot with me. I said “I don’t drink” (you know, the whole 2 years sober and running thing). Before I could say “hey, why don’t we etcetera”, he walked away in a quite despondent manner. Not even pissed – he looked sad.
– Did “Dilemma” with Moondog, with her as Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child and me as Nelly. I gave up on the whole rap thing and did it spoken word, Spaulding Grey style.
– Ran into old friends Chris and Maggie. Holy shit, random. Neither of them even live in this area anymore and haven’t for some time, and both were only in town temporarily.

– Worked for six hours on year-end reporting.
– Another meeting. Got my two-year coin.
– Came home and fell asleep for an hour.
– Went to Pete & Jill’s. We did what we always do – hung out and shot the shit – while nonchalantly shooting cans in their back yard with a BB/air gun (whatever the Hell you’d call it). First time I’d shot anything other than a water pistol, and I’m actually not a bad shot at all. I shot the petals off a couple flowers that we stuck into one of the cans, then proudly exclaimed “they don’t call me ‘Keen Marskman’ Kevin Marshall for nothin’!” It was awesome.
– I ate horribly today. One of those terrible Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwiches, a ham and cheese on wheat sandwich, and a wheat BBQ Beef six-inch from Mr. Subb for dinner. Seriously, I’m getting back on track this week.


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  1. July 1, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    Just dropping by and saying, damn you are looking good these days.

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