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6/9/08: The Andy Rooney Game

HL: bpdermody

By now, all of you should be familiar with “Garfield Minus Garfield“: which revealed that if you remove the character of Garfield from Jim Davis’s daily syndicated comic strip, it becomes a brilliant and darkly humorous study of one man’s struggles against loneliness, depression, and low-end schizophrenia.

It was, until recently, the best example of good editing revealing the true brilliance behind what is otherwise complete dreck and/or hacky nonsense.

That is, until a YouTube user decided to remove all of Andy Rooney’s commentaries sans the first and last sentences. And lo, The Andy Rooney Game was born.

As mentioned, this was brought to my attention by Brian P. Dermody while we were recording the latest “Living Under Marshall Law” (which is in the can but still has to be edited – it was a crazy and long weekend for yours truly). I watched the videos shortly after we were done recording and nearly fell out of my chair twice.

Speaking of recording, I worked a bit this weekend on a project with “Llakor.” I’ll be far more specific once official details are released and the recording is completed. It’s not something that will seem major, but it’s something that I was very excited to be invited to do and participate in.

Additionally, there’s a new feature coming to the site sometime this week. I’ve already shown some of you, so you probably know what I’m hinting at and/or are familiar with it already. Those who aren’t…stay tuned!

Oh, and did I mention on this blog that there’s not only a new layout for KevinMarshallOnline.com, but that you can now subscribe to an RSS feed from the main page that notifies you of any and all updates including new podcasts, news, articles, etcetera? Well, if I didn’t already, I did just now. So there.

I suppose I should get back to work, neh?

More later…

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