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6/8/2008: The Bullshit List


#1: Big Brown comes in dead last at the Belmont
After round-the-clock coverage of the Belmont Stakes and the possibility of a Triple Crown winner for the first time in thirty years, Big Brown came in dead last. This was the horse that completely wiped the floor with the competition at the Preakness and did so well at the Kentucky Derby that one horse actually died rather than live with the shame of being embarrassed as thoroughly(bred) as it was by the odds-on favorite. Some will say the horse’s performance was the result of overtraining, but in reality it was a classic example of hubris. That horse got too goddamn cocky.

#2 (two-way MMA tie)
a. Thiago Alves beats Matt Hughes at UFC 85

On Friday, Thiago Alves came in a full four pounds over the weight limit for the Welterweight bout (170 pounds), which led to Hughes accepting it as a Catchweight fight. The result? Saturday night, Hughes gets dominated by a guy that did, indeed, enter the Octagon looking like he was five pounds over the limit for his weight class. And by that, the weight class he SHOULD be fighting in (Middleweight).
b. Premature stoppage in Werdum/Vera fight, and guess who was ref
Referee Dan Miragliotta, the same man who stopped the Kimbo Slice/James Thompson fight prematurely one week earlier (and literally got a slap in the face from Thompson as a result), did it again earlier today in London in a heavyweight bout between Fabricio Werdum and Brandon Vera. Vera, who was being hit by Werdum in a mount but was obviously not receiving very much damage, lost the fight when Miragliotta once again decided he was bored playing referee and wanted to play something else. Herb Dean has never looked so competent.

#3: Hulu delays BSG airings
The site HULU.com, which shows all your favorite television shows FOR FREE, has apparently decided that instead of allowing me to have a social life and watch new episodes of “Battlestar: Galactica” on Saturday afternoon rather than staying in on a Friday night, they’re going to wait a full week to show them. Honorable mention goes to Amazon Unbox, the subscription service that last week rather than deliver the new episode to my buddy Ed decided to upload the worst cop drama in history to his PC instead.

#4: MySpace unveils “Categories”
MySpace, which in the past has relied solely on stealing code from LiveJournal, Facebook, and various other sites for its “new” features, has finally come up with an original concept. Unfortunately, the concept is “Categories,” which allows for a vast assortment of potential internet melodrama. Hey, you know that chick you call your “best friend”? Well, she created a category called “best friends” and YOU WEREN’T IN IT. Hate being labeled like a can of produce? Don’t worry, you’re now in John’s “Hipsters” category. I’m thinking I might make my own categories and separate everybody on my f-list by race and ethnicity, just to gauge their reaction. And when they get offended, just say “well, I don’t like to just be considered a Troy Person either.”

Gah. What a bullshitty weekend.

More later…

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  1. June 8, 2008 at 5:05 am

    I seriously hope I get classified as white, priviledged, hipster scumbag.

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