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6/1/08 – WEC tonight was incredible.

As much of a debacle as EliteXC’s “Saturday Night Fights” premiere on CBS was last night, WEC’s show tonight on Versus was anything but.

If you’re a fan of fights – not just MMA – you MUST MUST MUST catch the replay of this event. Even if it’s just the last hour and a half, which contains two fights worth seeing.

The first is the Bantamweight Title Fight between champion Miguel Torres and cocky Japanese challenger Yoshihiro Maeda. Without hyperbole, it was one of the best fights I’ve ever seen in any combat sport. There was even an insane pro wrestling-style moment where both men had each other in heel hooks. Unreal.

That’s followed by what was a Hell of a main event where Jens Pulver heroically went the distance (even though it was a losing effort) against WEC Featherweight champion Urijah Faber, the best pound-for-pound fighter in MMA and easily the most entertaining to watch. Little known fact: Faber is actually a sophisticated robot built specifically for fighting in the 31st Century and sent back in time to show us all how it’s done.

So yeah. WEC on “Versus.” Check your local listings for replay times. If you’re a night owl and/or gonna be up for awhile, it should be replaying on “Versus” as we speak.

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