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New podcast forthcoming, EliteXC, Boredom.

A new “Living Under Marshall Law” will hopefully be recorded tomorrow. Amongst the topics:
– The Hogans and why Hulk Hogan is every bit the asshole we’ve been saying he is for years
– Brian’s zit
– Florida and Michigan
– Living Lohan, Denise Richards, and other strange reality concepts
– and much more! Keep an eye out.

The EliteXC show is on CBS tonight. For those who don’t know, EliteXC is an MMA organization (think UFC only not as high-profile). It’s the first time MMA is going to be shown live on broadcast television, which is a huge deal. As such, we’ve seen another round of ignorant outrage coming from sportswriters who for some reason are very threatened by a one-on-one combat sport that isn’t boxing, even though MMA – both statistically and realistically – is safer for its participants than the NFL.

Those who are saying CBS has opted to air the minor leagues aren’t being totally fair to EliteXC, however they’re also not entirely wrong. The UFC is the big game in town, and halfway through 2008 it’s become readily apparent that all of the promotions that popped up during the UFC’s big boom period in the past three years (what’s left of them anyway) aren’t going to be any real threat.

The main card, in case you care:
Phil Baroni (185) vs. Joey Villasenor (184.5)
Jon Murphy (260.5) vs. Brett Rogers (263.5)
Gina Carano (144.5) vs. Kaitlin Young (140.5)
Robbie Lawler (184.5) vs. Scott Smith (184.5) (for the Elite XC middleweight title)
Kimbo Slice (235.5) vs. James Thompson (257)

I’m not entirely sure if it’s worth staying in for. Baroni/Villasenor would’ve been a great fight if it was Phil Baroni from three or four years ago, rather than present-day Phil Baroni whose body is falling apart. Gina Carano could lose here, and with her potential starpower she would’ve been wise not to commit to a fight where she realistically only had two to three weeks to train. Robbie Lawler really shouldn’t have any problem with Scott Smith, and I’m not sure if I can confidently say he deserves a title shot. James Thompson’s sort of a joke, so if Kimbo Slice can’t beat him and do it quickly, then we know he’s all hype and sideshow.

For those on MySpace, the music player on my profile underwent an overhaul some time ago. Because I’m so goddamn bored, here’s a track listing.

Link to the player
Tegan and Sara – “Walking with a Ghost”
The White Stripes – “Hotel Yorba”
Social Distortion – “Bad Luck”
Dead Kennedys – “Holiday in Cambodia”
The New Pornographers – “Laws Have Changed”
Jay Z/Danger Mouse – “Encore”
Bee Gees – “Nights on Broadway”
Stiff Little Fingers – “Alternative Ulster”
The Misfits – “Hybrid Moments”
Scott Walker – “Mathilde”
John Prine – “Illegal Smile”
Blind Willie McTell – “Statesboro Blues”
Willie Nelson – “Hello Walls”
Hayes Carll – “Beaumont”
Harry Chapin – “W.O.L.D.”
George Jones – “He Stopped Loving Her Today”
Electric Six – “Danger! High Voltage”
The Mars Volta – “Televators”
Dead Kennedys – “Viva Las Vegas”
Deftones – “Feitceira”
Gogol Bordello – “Start Wearing Purple”
Presidents of the USA – “Body”
John Prine – “Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore”
Robbie Williams – “Milennium”
Sponge – “Molly (Sixteen Candles)”
Stone Temple Pilots – “Big Bang Baby”
Faith No More – “Stripsearch”
Neutral Milk Hotel – “Holland, 1945”
Anthrax – “Only”
CIV – “Can’t Wait On Minute More”
Danzig – “Am I Demon”
Dead Milkmen – “Punk Rock Girl”
Bob Dylan – “I Threw It All Away”
The Decemberists – “Engine Driver”
The Who – “The Real Me”
Duran Duran – “Come Undone”
Duran Duran – “The Wild Boys”
Motley Crue – “Shout at the Devil”
The Twilight Singers – “Underneath the Waves”
Fugazi – “Suggestion”
Living Colour – “Cult of Personality”
White Zombie – “Thunderkiss ’65”
Motley Crue – “Dr. Feelgood”
Alice in Chains – “Would?”
Megadeth – “Peace Sells”
Iron Maiden – “The Evil That Men Do”
Portishead – “Silence”
Saul Williams – “List of Demands (Reparations)”
Kanye West – “Champion”
Jurassic 5 – “Concrete Schoolyard”
Rufus Wainwright – “Hallelujah”

Clearly I need to get out of the house. Like now.

More later….

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